Ordering a hearing aid directly from a manufacturer

hi, I was wondering whether I could order hearing aid directly from a manufacturer? any thoughts or experiences ?

I can’t imagine a manufacturer would want to deal with the hassle that comes with a direct purchase. But the one way to find out would be to contact a manufacturer.

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I wouldn’t say you could. You would then have to find an audiologist to program it.

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there are some hearing aids that can be ordered line by uploading an exam. They are cheaper, but probably not that much cheaper than Costco. Audicus is one.

I live in Pakistan. I wish i can order widex hearing aids directly. It cost me much higher in Pakistan due to low value of Pakistan currency.

Every manufacturer with which I’ve dealt requires you to be a dispenser and set up an account with them.

Are you asking, because you want to lower your cost? Just curious.

Blamey & Saunders in Australia is another. As you say, you can get much better value at Costco.