Ordered the Roger Select today

Ok, I got it. Took a few days longer because Phonak has lots of Roger orders. Only a couple of hours ago so not ready to review it but I do have some first impressions. It is definitely a very cool and well made gadget and will take some time to learn. I really need to be careful not to lose it - maybe attach one of those GPS tracking things to it.

I already have the impression that it may exceed my expectations which really weren’t all that high. My hearing loss is moderate but I feel the impact on my work and life is profound. I really need to hear and understand well if I am going to continue working. So, for me, anything that helps even a little bit means a lot. I do not buy into all the Phonak hype on their ads but this little thing just may be better than I thought - more later after I know what I’m doing.

Today was my first big follow up with my Audi since I got my M90s. I have been keeping lots of detailed notes so we made a bunch of small but needed adjustments. Ìn the process all of the custom programs I had made and saved got wiped out. Oh well, just have to make them again.

In addition to new M90s and Roger Select I also got a Noah link and the Target SW. In spite of having who I consider to be The Best Audiologist In The World I really have the need to do my own tweeking of the settings. Lots to learn!


I think there’s room on the back of the select to stick one of those little return address stickers.

Am looking at Roger Pen but was told I need a license for each ear as well as the instrument - total of $1,700. Can that be true? Will Roger stuff work without “licenses” on M90s?

You could buy second hand Roger X on eBay with serial number starting with 1744 or later and your Audi can use this machine to install the RogerDirect feature.

I wish Phonak would make a comprehensive outline and/or diagram of all this bizarre Roger stuff. The nomenclature is arcane and the interactions are diabolical. Especially with the introduction of Marvel 2.0 and Roger iN series. Thanks for your tip @Zebras.


Well, my first real test of the Roger Select iN didn’t work out as hoped. I tried pairing to the older version of Roger Select that my friend, Janis, makes our pastor wear. When I tried pairing the devices together, I got a green light, which I inferred meant we were good to go. But I never heard a thing in my HAs (well, other than from the PA). So, likely I did something wrong. Does anyone have a clearer set of steps to make things work?

For reference, the point was that Janis makes the pastor wear a lanyard with a Roger Select. Janis hears said pastor via MyLink. In theory, the Roger Select iN can poach on Janis’ feed and send things directly into my Marvels (the 2.0 kind, that have been “modified” to receive a feed from the Select iN) as well as to her MyLink. The problem is that I apparently haven’t a clue how to pair. Do I pair Janis’ Select with my HAs, or do I pair the two Selects together (what I thought I’d done), or do I do something else? As I understand it, Janis serial number is 1834NY2P6, which I think means it’s “modern” enough to pair with an iN device.

Could do either. You confirmed that the Select was working with your hearing aids before pairing it with hers?

You may then need to wear it upright though, on a lapelle. Leaving the Select flat might mute the connection. Two selects together is not something I’ve tried yet, but typically when a Select is in a network it will mute when placed flat.

Yes, I thought my select was working with my HAs before I tried pairing the two Selects together (I was hearing some finger shuffling over the microphones after I turned it on). But, I might have messed something up. Later on this evening, when I was trying to use my Select iN for another purpose, it wasn’t working until I repaired with my HAs. So likely, I goofed up with the pairing this morning. I’ll get another whack next Sunday. :wink:

Holy cow i was quoted twice that much money for the roger select! I need it for work, badly but $1500 is steep! Thank you for sharing! I’ll have to ask why i was quoted so high!!

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Good luck finding them on eBay. I messaged every seller over the course of a month and one never popped up. I had an automated email sent to me every time a new listing was made, hence making this feasible. Most of them don’t sell and are re-posts of the same ad.

EDIT - I’m in the UK tho so don’t know if they were posting to the USA.

There were 2 x 2019 Roger X on eBay last week. Went for $210.

$1250 not $750. The original is less but requires 2 X receivers the IN is more but receivers imbedded. How much is it worth to hear better?

Something to keep in mind for those concerned about cost is that you’ll likely do much better in noise with one of these with a less advanced HA model (M30, M50 or M70) than a M90 without it and likely manage to do it more inexpensively.


What do you mean it doesn’t have a pointing mode…?? It sure does. You can select or deselect microphones at will…

The Pen and the Touchscreen have a mode where you can hold it and point it at the person.

The Select doesn’t have that.

Yah…I am doing the same

Simply set it on a table and deselect all microphones except the one closest to the speaker

That’s not the same as interview style / pointing.

Wish I could have caught that. would you do me a favor and let me know if you see such on your Ebay…

I have the select IN… I am looking for 2 Roger x (02) Receivers with serials starting 1744 and up. I want to be able to use any Roger stuff.

Right now, I bought a Roger MyLink type 02. Since my Marvels have telecoil…I can use this to hold me over.