Oral Steroid Treatment on SSHL SSD how effective?

Dear members, I am panic stricken new sufferer (age 57) of SSHL SSD on this forum. On 16 Aug 2019 I got up in the morning with no hearing in my right ear. I had no infection, cold, sinus any thing that could clog my ear cavity. I saw ENT Dr on 17 Aug 2019 morning , upon routine examination, Audiometry shows profound loss in right ear, he diagnoised SSHL and prescribed me Glucocorticoids “ENZOCORT 6” 2 Tabs twice a day plus PENVIR 500 twice a day.
I need help from you, has/had anybody in same boat? Is this curable? Can such cases recover the loss even partially? Most important QUERY to my friends is HOW LONG ONE NEED TO BE ON ORAL STEROIDS? Hope the friends who had any experience on the line, shall respond, I would always remain thankful. Happy Healthy Hearing.

Try searching SSHL on this forum. This subject has been discussed before.

From memory you have done the right thing with the doctor and I believe steroids.

Good luck

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Thanks, today my Dr eliminated viral infection possibilty and discontinued PENVIR 500, and enhanced ENZOCORT 6 dose 2 tabs thrice a day. It appears that steroid is universally prescribed medicine for nerve damage. However as it suppresses natural immunity will it be back on normal level once steroids stopped? Will it have any long term harmful impact? I suffer no pain, injury, fever, infection etc but only SSHL SSD.

Short term steroid use should have minimal, if any long term harmful impact. However, work closely with your physician. Steroids are not something to self adjust on your own. Sounds like you’re getting optimal medical treatment.

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Thanks, Yes the treatment appears to be on right track. Thanks for caution, however the decisions about dosage are being taken by my Dr only, I am following in to to. My problem is I wish to make sure how safe it is to have high dosage for prolonged time, just for my own satisfaction.

As someone new to these issues I won’t claim too much knowledge, but my sense is that when it comes to steroids “long term” means months as opposed to a week or two. Suppressing the immune system can be risky in that long-term scenario, though sometimes the best option.

I won’t recount my own adventures since May, but I’ve been on three short courses of oral prednisone during that period (six- to eight-day tapered doses), two of which were for the hearing loss, as well as a steroid shot into my inner ear through my eardrum, whose results will be measured in a hearing test today. I don’t think it helped much. My situation in brief has been fluctuating hearing loss since the original decline, though a general downward trend. The initial prednisone treatment was followed by a recovery to the earlier, initial loss level and the last oral prednisone was followed initially by even worse hearing–though that eventually recovered a bit yet a couple weeks later.

All the commentary I’ve read about steroids is that they can help, but don’t help all the time. I’m inclined to say I’m living proof of that, but with all these fluctuations I don’t know if there’s any relationship between my doses and my sporadic semi-recoveries. One of the more solid views is that the sooner you get steroids after the initial loss, the better, and unfortunately my case slogged along for four or five weeks before we knew we were dealing with hearing loss.

Dear, Rightly said Steroid is universally accepted ultimate solution on SSHL. I have came across one empirical research paper in this regard which concludes that 1. steroid earliest the best 2. High does preferably 3. an maximum period should be 6 weeks. Beyond 6 weeks the medication appears futile (surprising but it is their study).
I wish better positive outcome of your test, take care.