Options for CROS Hearing Aids?

I’m a 25 year old with sudden onset sensorineural hearing loss in my right ear when I was 11. I have an appointment in a couple weeks to be fitted with a CROS hearing aid, and was wondering if anyone has tried out the new Phonak CROS or the Unitron Tandem and what you think of them?

I’ve read posts discussing how much people dislike CROS hearing aids, but they mostly were dated prior to the release of these two options. I searched for recent posts on CROS, but only found a few.

Also, do CROS hearing aids help in noisy situations? Bars, restaurants, etc? This is where I have the most trouble hearing as the background noise overwhelms speech.

I’m going to the hearing aid center at Mass Eye and Ear as that is where my doctor is. Does anyone have experience with them and would you recommend them?

I’m trialing a pair of Smart V with a Bicros for the deaf ear next week. Maybe we can share experiences since there are mixed results noted on this forum for these type of aids. The audiologist told me less than 5% of the hearing aid users have need for a Bicros/cros set up.


We wrote about this on the above thread. I have not tried any of the cros solution but researched it extensively. The new croslink for phonak is supposed to be a big step forward when used with the spice aids. However, for the new spice aids the only feature anybody and everybody claim to help them hear in noise is stereozoom and on a lesser note the zoom control feature. So pretty much stereozoom is the only feature that makes this aid even worth considering over the oticon agil pro when it comes to hearing in noise.

The problem is the cross link does not support stereozoom. Stereozoom is when the microphones on both aids are used in tandem to create a beam form and the resulting combined sound is sent to both aids.

In the end this means that cross link is only really good for quiet situations. This is despite all the carefully worded advertisement.

Although not useful in noise it can be useful in many other situation such as when you are in the car and the person you need to hear is on your deaf side. Or for less challenging noisy situations.

I theorized that for somebody hell bent on getting the absolutely the best speech in noise performance, then the best solution is to get 2 fully functional spice aids. The aid on the dead ear would be on all the time but not really heard until the zoom control or stereozoom features are used. This is possibly a more expensive option and I doubt if any audi will go along with this.

I strongly suggest you test your aid with a Oticon Agil Pro aid. This is the best SINGLE AID solution for hearing in noise. 2 fully functional spice aids is the best solution for hearing in noise of all aids only because of stereozoom.

I would test the oticon agil pro vs the phonak spice aid with croslink. see what the cost is between 2 spice aids vs a spice with croslink (please let us know). and maybe see if you audi is open to letting you trial 2 fully functional spice aids.

What you say may be true, but I understand using the stereozoom feature on the Spice aids reduces the battery life to 2-3 days. Since the stereozoom feature is only available on the Phonak IX models, a more economical solution by far is a V model Phonak with a Bicros aid for the deaf ear and a PilotOne remote for adjusting the volume in high noise situations.

Thanks for your comments. I’ll see what they offer and ask if this is an option.

I have $3000 per ear in insurance coverage (this seems like it should cover most of the cost, from what I’ve read). My doctor’s note is for a CROS style, so I’m not sure if they’ll give me two regular aids, but we’ll see.

I have just fit a Bi-CROS unit that uses the new Spice platform. She has worn Bi-CROS hearing aids for years (wired and wireless) and LOVES everything about the new Phonak one except for one thing, it uses batteries very quickly (2-4 days) since it is constantly in it’s wireless transmission mode.

The directional microphones do work for her. She reports being able to hear in background noise and hold a conversation for the first time in years. She is thrilled with the size and the performance.

Just a personal perspective of someone who has a patient with one.

Thanks DocAudio, I’m glad to hear it helps in background noise.

I had my fitting today. We went with a Phonak CROS for $1,715 and a Phonak Audeo S Smart III for $1,776. They didn’t have demos of the actual units, just an old CROS model, so I’ll see how they actually perform when they come in next week. I have perfect hearing in my left ear, so they didn’t see the point in using the aid in that ear for anything but the CROS function.

Where are you? I’m in NJ and getting mine through HearPo. My cost is $3370 for the two units and this was the best price I could find anywhere!

I’m also paying $370 for the bluetooth unit.

What does the audiogram of your bad ear look like?
Why the Audio S Smart III - If you are only 25 then technology will pass you by.
The IX series has bluetooth and other features that may help you in different scenarios. IF insurance is paying for it go for the extra. Do you listen to music? Blue tooth from your phone - Lots of great options.