Options for Canadians

Are there any Canadians here that can share their experiences with the options available to us in Canada? I’ve just started looking and so far I have contacted Audicus, Connect Hearing and have an appointment at Costco…Are there any other places I should look?

I am in Manitoba…and audicus is one of the providers I was looking at - may i ask why you say to avoid them?.. I have an appt at costco tonight

without knowing him or his intensions, normally people like that get pissed of at an employe there and are sworn to talk them down to feel better about themselves, not realizing that one employe doesn’t represent the whole.

I’m in B.C. I’m very happy with Costco! Didn’t try anywhere else for my new aids. Although note that the return period is 90 days in Canada (vs. 180 in the U.S.). Other things seem to be the same – no charge for returns, free supplies, warranties upped to 5 years if you use a Costco credit card. With the exchange rate, the price for the KS7 aids is considerably less than in the U.S. (I don’t know about prices for the other aids they carry, because I wasn’t interested in anything else.)

Well, I bought hearing aids from Costco…I was kinda disappointed at the very simplistic sales approach - I asked for a comparison of features of the various makes & models - and she said “there are low end, mid-end and high end…we don’t sell the low end”…I told her that I expected slightly more information than that for an expenditure of that amount…Either she didn’t know, or she wasn’t interested in spending the time…

I don’t know where you live, but I’m in the Vancouver area so there are three Costcos nearby. If you’ve got more than one option, you can try other stores.

As it is, I have been very happy with the service I’ve gotten at the Still Creek, Burnaby store. I’ve also been into the downtown Vancouver store a few times, asking questions, and they have seemed quite attentive. Come to think of it, I had gone into the other store – Burnaby, by Production Way – once, too, many months ago, and I thought they were kind of dismissive and unhelpful. So I didn’t go back there.

That having been said, I realize that I might have been lucky. And I went in knowing exactly what I wanted, so that probably made it simpler. But overall I found them very thorough, and very interested in talking things over. Just super-nice, also.

I called and asked for more info…and 2 days later they called and gave me a whole bunch of sites to look up… I bought the KS7’s with rechargeable batteries…I think, after looking at the specs and comparing those specs to the other brands that Costco carries that they will be ok…

I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba

The KS7s are very good hearing aids. I’m quite happy with mine. Have you got yours yet, or still waiting on an order?