Optimum time to change battery in hearing aid

It seems if I wait til the chime tells me to change the battery the HA’s have been functioning at about 60% efficiency for the last full day. Mine last about 5 days, but I think I should change them every 4 days. The HA’s see to work best the first couple of days when the batts are fresh. Wondering if rechargeable the way to go next time? Your opinion?

Zinc air batteries have a very flat discharge curve.

In other words, the power they provide stays constant until the very end of their useful life. Whatever is causing your perceived loss of “efficiency”, it’s not likely to be the batteries.


Thanks, did not know that. My HA’s are coming up to their 5th birthday. Waiting to see what the Kirkland 10’s will offer.

I had been changing batteries every 5 days, but started getting the low battery chime more, probably due to increased use (TV sound, podcasts, music). So now I change every 4 days and rarely get the chime. I prefer to change batteries on a regular basis (every 4 days is marked on my calendar) and not at an inopportune time with the chime.

I never change a battery until it goes dead. It is usually 24 hours or more from the first chime until the battery is dead, sometimes much longer.

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I never change until after the 2nd or 3rd chime.

With widex (312), I definitely had a better sound with fresh battery as opposed to the sound of the last several hours - I always run them until dead.
I mean, I noticed it so often that I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

With marvels (312, 13) and paradises (13) I don’t notice any difference in performance with new battery as opposed to last hours or minutes of the old one.

I try to remember to use first-second chime to get the new battery out of the pack and remove the seal to make it breathe. But oftentimes I just successfully ignore the chimes and then aid die and then I do the battery dance. Or not if I need the aid immediately and I just put the new one in.
Wasn’t fun having aid shutting off during the phone call the other day… I really need to stop ignoring those chimes :joy:

So most of the time I squeeze them until aids turn off. And it usually happens while streaming since that’s my main use case currently.
And ideally, I react to first chime if I anticipate it would be inconvenience if they died on me.

Easier than remembering how many days they’re in.

My ks8 lasts 6 or 7 days but I do notice a difference on the last 12 hours of the battery life. Sometimes I wait till it chimes but if I’m going somewhere I change them. If you buy Costco batteries they are less than 20 cents each! I use the 13 battery and find that one package will last 7 days and the next one seems to last 6 days. I’d rather spend the 20 cents than run out in the middle of a call.

There are no Costco’s that are convenient for me and I pretty much hate shopping in those types of establishments anyhow. So I buy my batteries from Hearing Tracker!

In my experience, I take the batteries out of the pack, remove the seals, stick them in my Signia Pures and put them on immediately. They chime and start right up. It’s possible the volume may be a little reduced initially but not enough to be noticeable. Try it, it might save you some agony.