OPNs turning off - iOS 13 related?

Have had recent issues with my OPNs turning off and then back on during normal use so not streaming.

Usually it has been one or the other, but today both turned off and then turned back on during a conversation I was having with someone, which was rather annoying.

Is it iOS 13 related perhaps or an issue with my OPNs themselves? I have only noticed this happening since I updated. Anyone else experiencing this at all?


I haven’t had this happen to me. But ever since I have had my OPN1 aids every now and then they will reboot. Normally due to noise spikes. And since my update to IOS13 it hasn’t happened

Rarely happened before and when it did, it was due to noise spikes. I’ll keep an eye on it. If it keeps happening, I’ll get them checked out.

Personally I feel too much is being blamed on the IOS13 that needs to be handled by other app updates and even updates to hearing aid firmware. Apple made it known early in the development of IOS13 that it was doing major security changes to way apps had to handle Bluetooth for security reasons and most of it was due to Facebook grabbing information about everyone in the background from bluetooth. And as I have found even now with the higher security it is possible for older apps to do background refresh even with it disabled on the iPhone.

Yeah. It’s just never happened so frequently before is all. There has been a few issues for me with Bluetooth, my hearing aids and in the car. That has largely resolved so I’ll just monitor it for now. I did unpair and paired again just in case.

The rebooting does seem to happen more often than before to my OPNs as well. But not like every day or so. More like maybe once a week or so.

Yeah so far the rebooting has happened once. One or the other will occasionally turn off and then quickly turn back on if there is a noise spike or something. That is happening more frequently than I remember it before iOS 13. But will keep an eye on it. Hopefully Apple and Oticon will sort it out. I suspect it is because it’s been a bit unstable with Bluetooth etc so I’m sure it’ll be rectified sooner or later.

I don’t think it’s iOS 13-related. I have had this problem with one hearing aid occasionally since I first started wearing them six months ago. Recently, the problem has gotten worse, where they will both shut down without warning. That’s a problem since, if I am on the phone (with the ConnectClip - huge improvement over my headsets), I can’t hear at all and have to enable the speakerphone. I am taking my Oticons to my Audiologist this afternoon so she can send them in for service.

Interesting to know. I’ll keep an eye on them and if no improvement soon, I’ll send them in to be serviced.

I have been getting reboots on my OPN1s (firmware 6.0) for about a year, so that rules out iOS13 as a cause for me. I don’t experience any difference in the frequency of reboots between iOS 12 and 13. There is no apparent consistency in R, L or both having reboots. I don’t believe my reboots are caused solely by noise spikes because many occur in my very quiet office. I’m planning to have my OPNs sent back to the factory for checking and also get a firmware update to 6.1.

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My Audi will update my aids on October 9th

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I’ll get the update next time in Denmark as my audi is there. That’ll be Christmas most likely. Keep us updated on the new update.

I have Opn 1’s and they have been shutting down and rebooting every so often but mostly when using Oticon TV streamer and my iPhone. This was happening before iOS 11. I don’t feel it is any worse after iOS 11 was installed. It happens so little I haven’t done anything about it and I probably won’t unless it gets worse. It could be from spikes but I can’t prove that.

I sent my almost 3 year old OPN 1 hearing aids in for a check last month as the warranty was up near the end of the month. They came back with new serial numbers and the Oticon ON app showed Software of 6.0 and firmware as au2cs3fw5.16.0. My provider updated the firmware (now shows Software of 6.1 and firmware of au2cs3fw5.16.1) before putting back in the custom configuration that we had worked out for wind noise reduction and so on.

I have not had the shutdown/reboot issue for quite some time after updating the OPN firmware to 5 (if I remember correctly), the TV adapter firmware, the ConnectClip firmware, IOS on my iPhone 6+ and the ON app (1.something). There are too many possible issues and interactions so you may need to update more than just the hearing aid firmware. That said, Oticon may very well need to further update the HA firmware to work with 13.x.

I did have some strange interactions like volume shifts (no turning off/rebooting however) when I had my new OPN S 1 aids paired with both an iPhone 6+ (IOS 12.4.1) and an iPad Pro (iPadOS 13.1.2) both with the 2.0 ON app. Those problems seem to have gone away after I deleted the pairing in the iPad Pro (I use the iPhone much more than the iPad).

I sent my OPNs back for service when they started shutting down on me. Not a low battery. I also sent my ConnectClip.

Oticon replaced both the OPNs and the ConnectClip. Now I just need to remove an echo problem I have when using my ConnectClip with my desk phone.

I changed my batteries and haven’t had an issue since. So it might have been a battery issue as had some dud ones. Will keep an eye on it though but so far, all good now.

I have noticed this happened 3 times in the past 2 days (2 times left HA and 1 time right HA).
I did a test and it seems actually this is coming from the Connection between phone (XR) and my aids. If you switch Fast between several apps on the phone (Facebook , go back to main menu, Instagram, YouTube) then the aid just mute and reboots!
I think it looses connection with phone in a way to let it reboot?