OPN1 Programs


I have four programs downloaded on my OPN1s. I use the general and speech-in-noise the most. I find the speech-in-noise particularly useful when in meetings or restaurants–any place with a lot of extraneous noise where I am trying to carry on a conversation. I haven’t used the Music or Lecture programs as much, but I like knowing that they are there. Speech Rescue works great for me. I have it on all the time in my standard program. It helps me understand women and children better. (I’ve been using these aids for 4 months now and after resolving issues related to streaming and feedback that I experienced during the trial period, I’ve been very happy with my investment!


I’d like to cast a vote for the music program. I get significantly more clarity and more volume for the high pitched elements of music with the dedicated program. That’s from a person with ski slope loss, listening to choral and orchestral music.

My general program works for music, but the highs sound muddy. I do not have speech rescue turned on in any of my programs.

I have also noticed that the music program is worse for speech recognition. Voices are crisper/sharper/more distinct in the general program.

Doing the back-and-forth comparisons between those two programs is what convinced me that (A) having a “real” hearing aid is important (instead of just an amplifier) and (B) the OPN is a good HA for me.


I got music and speech-in-noise programs added in two days ago and I tried the music program for the first time yesterday. The difference was noticeable straight away.

Having multiple programs would be a lot easier to deal with if my LG V20 (OPN app) could maintain a BLE connection with my OPN1 aids.


Off topic, sorry, but I think I solved the connection issues. There was another app trying to connect to another device (which wasn’t turned on). When I stopped that app from trying to connect, both aids connected immediately and it’s all been working perfectly since then. Without the phone I’d probably find the process of changing programs too annoying to bother with.


I have had my OPN1 for about a year. All 4 options are in use… General, Directional, Music and Lecture. I use 3 of the 4. Never use Lecture. There is a HUGE difference between General and Directional, especially in loud restaurants, meeting, movies and TV watching. You paid for all the functions! At a minimum, I suggest testing the Directional setting.


This is interesting because I personally found the Directionality Settings when set to Full Directional instead of the default Open Automatic not any better at all in noisy restaurants in terms of blocking out surrounding sounds. But as long as the noise reduction values are set to maximum values just the same, it does help clarify speech better.

I’m suspecting that this is what your audi set for you and she or he named it Directional. Meanwhile, your default program probably has lower noise reduction values and that may be why you notice a big difference in noisy restaurants. There is no built in program called Directional per se from what I can tell.

When I have the Directionality Settings value set to Full Directional, in a quiet environment with a well placed noise source in front of me like a fan, when I rotate my swivel chair around 360 degrees, I do notice that the fan noise gets blocked as I turn my back to it, but barely. In a noisy place, I hear noises all around me just the same, even in Full Directional mode. But of course the noise reduction still helps make the speech clear to me.

But I’m still glad that however the set up you have for Directional works well for you in noisy restaurants, though, regardless of what It’s called.


Don’t get me wrong, loud restaurants are still loud, but I can decipher the speach of people sitting across the table from me much better using the Directional setting. It’s called Directional on my Android app, but I have no idea how it was set up. I never even asked for it, but I find it extremely helpful in a variety of settings. I work in a building with high ceilings and lots of hard surfaces. High pitched voices can get quickly lost. The Directional setting is outstanding at the office.