OPN1 Programs


Before I got my OPN1’s I had read most of the info on their website. When I got them my Audi had all of the data from my hearing test plus she played about 10 different sound clips with a A or B choice to dial in the HA’s. I went back in 2 weeks for adjustments, I had some feedback from the 2 weeks and she played the sound clips again and I made the choices. When I first got the OPN’s I asked her about the 4 different programs and she said that if 1 general program did everything well why have more programs. As I some what agree with her I did pay for the top of the line HA’s so I feel it would be good to have other choices. So that’s my question, If I have P1 general program working very well and I’m overall very happy what other programs should I ask for just to make sure I have choices in the future? I go back to the Audi Wednesday and I think this is my last visit for a while. Oh, love the forum, I have learned alot so far.


If the 1 program satisfies all your needs, there is no need for more programs. Are you having problems in any particular situations? That’s when you want to consider a special program. Common issues for people are speech in noise, music, reverberation, etc. But again, if you’re not having any problems, consider yourself lucky .


It takes nothing but a click to add the programs. Get as many as are allowed. Music is a must.


That’s what I thought, why have empty slots. What are good programs to request?


I don’t wear them but there are many here that do. I’m sure they have a music program.


There are several built in programs you can add if you want. But your audi is right that the default program should manage most of your listening environments just fine, including music. But the music program will make things sound even more open, devoid of most of the processing by the OPN 1, if that’s what you prefer when listening to music. Generally for normal music listening I just stick with program 1 and it sounds fine for me. When I listen to live music (which is rare but it does happen) and I want to hear everything wide open including all the reverbs in the room and such, then I’d switch to the music program.

There’s also a Speech in Noise program, Comfort program, Lecture program, Tcoil and phone programs if you have Tcoil in your OPN, etc. You can add these of you want. I agree that if you have 4 slots, why not fill them up with programs. But in general as long as you already have maximum noise reduction set in your default program, I don’t seem to find much difference between the default program and these programs. Speech in Noise may sound a little louder than the default program. Comfort may sound a little less loud. A few clicks up or down on the volume button makes program 1 sound the same as these programs. I never tried the Lecture program so I don’t know how it’d be different.

There’s a Speech Rescue feature in the OPN. You don’t show your audiogram so I don’t know if that feature would be useful for you or not. But another way to use another empty program slot is to copy the program 1 into program 2 then add Speech Rescue into program 2 so you can alternate between program 1 and 2 to do A to B comparison to see if you find Speech Rescue helpful to you or not.


Thanks for that info, so I guess I should ask my Audi for my audiogram. Is that something she would print out or what?


Yes, it should be a print out. You should know what your audiogram looks like anyway so that you can understand your hearing loss better. You want to know at what frequencies you have hearing loss and how severe the loss is at which frequency, for each ear.

Then you can post the audiogram info into your personal profile here so people can click on your icon to see it at any time. People can look at it and give you appropriate suggestions, recommendation if asked for.


Thank you, I go Wednesday


The general programme is capable of handling most situations just fine.


  • If you have a good sound system or appreciate live music - definitely ask for the music programme. The normal programme is fairly impressive for music, but the sound colour and dynamics improves with the music programme.

  • If you are frequently in very noisy environments, then the comfort programme is worthwhile. I use mine, but relatively rarely, for situations like walking next roads with heavy traffic, or, for example, situations with a lot of banging and clattering sounds. Basically, situations where the noise starts causing fatigue and you’re not actively trying to converse with another person. (This programme does compromise speech clarity.)

  • I seldom use the speech in noise programme, but it does seem to slightly help for speech legibility in particular situations.


Thanks, that’s the info I need. Might as well fill the slots. Overall I love the OPN 1’s.


I’m on day five with my OPNs and like you one program. I find that I can hear quite well in all situations with the current setting and I especially like not having to monkey around with the aids. I think mine are set for no noise filtering, I wish to hear everything. Mine are set so basic there is no volume control. During my two week appointment the Audi is going to increase the gain, I’ll ask about volume control then. Good luck with yours, I like mine!


I have volume control thru the app on my iPhone, but’s the only control I have now. I’ll see what happens Wednesday.


Today makes a week for my and my new OPN1s I have 2 programs not counting the TV connect. I have the default and lecture programs and to be honest the one I use most is the default, even when watching TV. I have tried the lecture program and it is the default with the focus changed to the front, so it is front dirctional. The default has even been great for eating out in a noisy environment. The default even worked the best for going to a band concert, but last night I went to a choir cantata and I really don’t believe that any program would have helped. I do love these aids I haven’t had this great a results with hearing aids before.


The noise filtering of the OPN is not the same as the noise filtering you may be used to with your older hearing aids. If you really asked your provider to turn off the noise reduction on your OPN, then what you’re doing is turning off the most impressive and expense part of the OPN, the part that you paid the big bucks for.

It’s obvious that you have a misunderstanding of what the OPN noise filtering does. It does NOT BLOCK out the noise and prevents you from hearing everything. Even with the noise reduction set to max values in both Simple and Complex listening environments, you’ll still hear everything around you and no sounds get blocked. That’s a guarantee based on my personal experience with the OPN 1 that I wear.

What the OPN noise reduction does is ONLY to help clean up the speech, and ONLY when there’s speech going on. And this is not background babble speech we’re talking about, but clearly detected speech as detected by their voice activity detector.

By turning off the noise reduction feature or not maximizing its settings in Simple and Complex listening environment, you’re basically reducing your OPN’s most effective (and expensive) speech clarity enhancer into nothing more than the wide open Music program with no speech clarity enhancer.

  1. I agree that the Music program improves the sound color and dynamics. To me, it makes the sound even more open than it is already. I notice the reverb of the sound in the room more clearly, which makes the dynamic of the music seem more true.

  2. I do have the Comfort program in my OPN as well, and I rarely use it as well. If one doesn’t have room for this Comfort program, I find that simply reducing the volume in the default P1 by a notch or two or three should serve just as well to get the comfort you want.

  3. I do have Speech in Noise in my programs as well, but because my P1 has max values for noise reduction, it’s pretty much the same as the Speech in Noise program if I increase the volume in P1 by a notch or two or three.

It just goes to confirm that if your P1 has max noise reduction values set, Comfort and Speech in Noise is not really needed and a volume change can achieve pretty much the same thing.

Someone who has the Lecture program can chime in if they want. I can’t comment on it because I don’t have it.


I wish I knew where my values are set at. Overall they have been great in all cases.


Volusiano, I’m new at this and haven’t a clue to understanding the present aid settings. The audi played two sound clips, the same clip with noise backgrounds. I told her that the second one sounded harsher than the first, however, I liked it better than the first one. She said “so, you want to hear everything?” I said yes! I was also told that the sounds between 3 & 6 K would be amplified. Regardless of what is turned on or turned off I now have no trouble hearing voice sounds and not missing words. I plan on obtaining the genie software, I’m sure it will greatly help my understanding of the programing. So far this default program works great! Thanks for your help!


I agree with MDB. Why have extra programs if you don’t need them?

I’ve got the least amount of programs needed so I don’t have to cycle through them all the time. I have everyday, Speech in Wind and Roger program. My Roger program is set to EasyRoger so I don’t need to physically change that program.


Ah, this sounds like maybe the audi was talking about Speech Rescue, where you have an option to leave the higher source frequencies being lowered amplified on top of hearing the lowered sounds in the destination frequencies.

If this is the case, then it’s OK and you’re not turning off any noise reduction.