Opn1 and Apple ipad of bluetooth

I will buy a Apple ipad.

  1. Does Opn1 and Apple work well together?

2.How is the sound quality?

3.How long the battery in the hearing aid connected to Apple?

OPN only works with iOS. It doesn’t work with MacOS.

Sound quality is good but if you wear open domes then sound quality may become tinny because your open domes will leak or the bass.

Battery life in the OPN will depend on how much you stream.

My OPNs work fine with my iPhone but I can’t get them to work with my iPad. Anyone have any success with iPads?

Check on Apple for which iPads work with MFi

I have the latest iPad pro so surprised it wouldn’t support that.

It should support it then. What have you done to pair it with the iPad? You should be able to pair it going to general-accessibility-MFi Hearing device. You enable it and open then close your batteries to cause pairing.

They work fine with my iPad Air.

That worked. Thanks!