Opn1 and Android Bluetooth Pairing


Just wondering if there is an option currently that allows android phones to be paired with Opn1 hearing aids in order to allow audio to be streamed from the phone directly into the hearing aids (like for the iPhone)? If not, does anyone know if Oticon is currently working on a solution for this?


They may have one available in the future, but I’m unaware if they are working on that right now or not. It would be nice if all it took was a firmware update to add that feature.

The Oticon ConnectClip is a pretty good solution in the meantime. I use the ConnectClip with my OPN1’s and it works great for streaming phone calls or listening to audio books on my Samsung Galaxy S8+.

I also purchased a BDT 800 USB adapter so I can stream sound from my Laptop to my OPN1’s through the ConnectClip.


The short answer is “no.” There are multiple threads discussing this, but the only hearing aids that allow streaming of phone calls to android are the Phonak Audeo B Direct and new Unitron hearing aids, but neither of those stream any audio other than the phone calls. Although it seems like it’s a simple issue, it obviously is not. My best guess is that it will wait until there is a Bluetooth 5 standard for hearing aids. Most optimistic guess I’ve heard is standard sometime this year and hearing aids in 2019, but nobody knows. Anybody who really wants full streaming ability from hearing aids now, really needs to bite the bullet and go with Apple. Compared to hearing aid prices, the cost of the phone is pretty minimal.

I agree with your short answer. The only ray of hope is that Google are apparently working to add hearing aid support into Android. This support may (or may not) be ready for Android ‘P’ (which most of our current phones will probably not upgrade to). Then there’s the question of what aids will be supported. Mfi? Seems unlikely. So what aids WILL it support?

Curious where you heard that Google is working on this?

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Neat! So this means Android P (or 9.0) is released in maybe August? Don’t know about other phones, but Samsung Galaxy 9 was just released, so Galaxy 10 in March of 2019? Considering people are still having glitches with mFi phone, I’m guessing it may take sometime to get the glitches worked out.

This is a decent article: Bluetooth Hearing Aids or Made For iPhone Hearing Aids 2018

I just bought a bluetooth neckloop from Amazon for $16.95 that works great through my Oticon Opn 1 miniRITE-T hearing aids. I can now listen to my music and answer phone calls through my aids. My cellphone is an Android Samsung Note 5 and the Amazon device is called Clarity CE50 HearIt Mobile Bluetooth Neckloop. Here is the link, if anyone is interested.
Amazon.com: Clarity CE50 HearIt Mobile Bluetooth Neckloop: Cell Phones & Accessories

Nice price. There are many generic products available that can receive bluetooth. The generic ones are only able to use telecoil to send to the HA’s. And they’re all mono ie. the same sound in both ears. Not stereo.
But yes they work great.

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haha thats clearly written android p hence adoption will be at 2019 only stable like 9.1 something else who know. if you can wait for purchase of ha then good

I am new to hearing aids, I just got my first pair last month. I go to the theatre often and heard that it had teleloop capabilities so I bought this neckloop from Amazon but it didn’t work in the theatre. I didn’t know there were different types of teleloop systems, the one I bought from Amazon being for bluetooth only. At least the theatre has neckloops they will let you use if your aids have the t-coil set up in them. They also have the earbud type, but it was nice to keep my hearing aids in my ears and still hear the play perfectly. I love these Oticons.

Indeed. It’s old tech but it still works and can still serve a need. Even better would be to have a hearing loop in the theatre so that you be incognito and just hear the show with your HA’s and not have a clunky additional thing around your neck screaming “look at me I’m hearing impaired”.
Just for clarity…it’s a telecoil in your HA’s and a hearing loop or neckloop that the “sound” comes from.
And then there are “necklaces” that are made by the HA manufacturers that don’t use the telecoil but another technology to transmit into the HA’s. And usually with stereo. Instead of a necklace you can also get a clip-on device from the manufacturers.

Since you have the mini-Rite Ts, they have a telecoil built in. You shouldn’t need anything else to hear in the theatre, but you probably need a telecoil program set up,

MDB: I’m not sure but I seem to think these theatre things are FM and then inductance/telecoil for the HA’s from their own neckloop.
It would be preferable if the theatre was looped though.

Hadn’t thought of that possibility.