Opn updates


I am too. Naida has robotic sound, Resound Enzo is too unreliable, Widex Super is very old. So we have no any other choice.


I am getting the ITE OPN from the VA I am getting the Half shells if the VA keeps to their standard with me. So I should be getting the full package.


@um_bongo I’m about to receive a ConnectClip which I bought on eBay. I’m already on firmware 6.0 for my OPN 1, and I’m on Genie 2018.2. My understanding is that this combination makes the OPN compatible with the ConnectClip.

The question I have, which was asked above earlier with no answer, is whether the ConnectClip has its own firmware or not (via the mention of ConnectClip 1.1)? If yes, how would I go about checking for the ConnectClip firmware version and update it if needed? Thanks.


Hi, The firmware updater 2 in Genie 2018.2 has a section for it.

You run the updater and then select what accessories you want to update - connect them as advised and let it do it’s thing. I’m aware that some of the older connect clips require this to connect to later Bluetooth releases and that there are some fixes in the 1.1 version to minimise dropouts and other issues.



Thanks Um_bongo! My ConnectClip came today and it appears on the Bluetooth screen as ConnectClip 1.1. So I guess it already has the latest firmware 1.1.


I confirmed that my ConnectClip is at 1.13 and the TV Adapter 3.0 is now updated to 2.1.1, both of which are supposed to be the latest version that comes with Genie 2018.2.


And his willingness to freely share his knowledge is a treasure to the forum.


How are the ConnectClip and TV adapter working for you? I’m considering purchase of a TV adapter.


They work great for me, I use the TV connect every day. The connect clip only at times but it works great