Opn updates


ITE Opns available this Autumn.
Twin mic models offer the same benefits as the RIte models, but the smaller models lose the Open Sound Navigator.

Oticon Opn | New firmware v6

New Siya budget range based on Velox.

Genie 2018.2 has Opn 6.0 firmware and Connect-Clip 1.1.

Opn Onapp using Big Data to collate information using Apple Health on device usage and program changes.


Thank you for info! But from where is this information? No any info about “Siya” anywhere including all Oticon sites…


Oticon conference in Manchester today.


Thank you! But do it means that no any superpower HA again? Oticon so slow when developing superpower HA’s! Let’s see: Sumo DM - 2005, Chili - 2010, Dynamo - 2015. So Velox SP will be in 2020 only? It’s a snail speed! I use only Oticons from childhood, and I cannot change HA’s manufacturer. I tried Naida and Enzo - not my choice. Even CI contraindicated for me. I want to push Oticon as elephant to future.


How does one update ConnectClip firmware?


OPN has the plus power version for your loss, looking at that soon too :wink:


Wow, OSN is the heart of the OPN. Without it, I’m not sure if it should be called an OPN anymore.

It’d be interesting to see what becomes of this smaller model sans OSN.

Thanks for the update!


Maybe it will be called Oticon Cls :sweat_smile: but I think that CIC and IIC will use pinna sound reflections and interaural wireless link for natural “brain hearing”


The SNR improvement with the twin mic versions was claimed to be about 5.5 dB at 75dB.
The SNR of the single mic version under the same conditions was about 1.5 dB.

The Siya operates more like the previous generation with WDRC rather than the OPN platform.


No, PP cannot cover my hearing loss. My audiogram in my account is wrong because of site limits.


that stinks! but thankfully I stopped at 90 this year (your pic is helpful too so I’m totally going for the 105 when it’s time too.)


when does Genie 2018.2 get released?


Wondering this myself, Jmorgis. Does anybody out there know when Genie 2018.2 and ConnectClip firmware updates will be released?


I’ve heard around end of Q3.


Great. Thanks for the info, Volusiano. BTW, your knowledge of the Opn platform is amazing! :slight_smile:


IKR? and I was holding off on a new career until I get an OPN though! unless one hearing aid thinks it’s a good idea to crap on me :stuck_out_tongue:



I am very interested in what you said… I am also using the oticon dynamo… Been testing a lot of HA and I just can’t get used to them… :frowning: I just saw that Oticon Siya got a super power version … Do you know if it’s better than the dynamo? Or I am being mistaken? :frowning:


No, Siya and Opn has only a PP (power plus) variant, but we need in SP (superpower) variant.


Gotcha… So it seems I am stuck with the Dynamo…