Opn Update and Questions

I have now been wearing the Opns for almost 3 weeks. Overall impression - they are great. The need to ask people to speak up and repeat has decreased about 80%. Like all things in life there are a few little details that need adjusting. The main one is machine noise (air conditioners, etc) and road/tire noise. In both situations, the main program only seems to recognize and shift to attenuate these noises after several minutes and then shifts back randomly. My audi says she cannot adjust the timing or sensitivity of the automatic environment sensing on the Opns. Justin, Umbongo, and Rasmus-braun, you are the pros who always seem to know exactly how things can be programmed. Any suggestions? What environments do the Opns sense and adjust to?

The other major issue is bluetooth connections in the car. I am linked to my iPhone and have no problem streaming music and calls, as long as the battery level is good. When it drops to 10-20%, according to the Oticon ON app, the sound starts shifting from ear to ear. In the car, all the devices get confused. The phone starts linked to the phone. Perfect, that’s what I want. Then the phone shifts to the aids; this seems in part to be related to whether the ON app is active and where the phone is physically in relation to the aids and the car bluetooth antenna/receiver. Is anyone else experiencing this and have you found a solution, other than remembering to have the phone “forget” the aids every time you get in the car.

BTW, keeping the ON app running drains aid and phone batteries really fast.

In most situations I have been impressed by how well the aids handle noisy groups. I was at one restaurant that had everyone at the table screaming “What?”, and even then I heard people better than expected. I will ask for a program set up for forward focusing and max background suppression for these situations.

Thanks everyone for your ideas.

I’ve not fitted any yet so not best placed to advise, but all of the previous generation have a YoumaticAutomatic manager that applies the degree of noise management/speech preservation. I’ve not seen how this is implimented on the new model yet.

The Opn classifies environments as either simple or complex and applies different levels of noise reduction for each. But it doesn’t have the ability to detect a specific listening situation (such as a car environment) and invoke a special program or set of gain adjustment parameters. If fan noise or road noise is very bothersome and frequent, I think you’ll need to address the issue by reducing gain for soft sounds in your main program.

Thanks Rasmus. Do you know if there is a way to adjust how fast they respond to environment changes?

I’m not aware of any control in the software which allows you to change the response time.

Well, actually there are related settings. In OpenSound Navigator, there’s Open Sound - Transition with settings of Low, Medium, and High.

The Transient Noise Management setting (in Automatics) might also relate.

Transient Noise Management
Transient Noise Management removes the discomfort of sudden, loud sounds without sacrificing the audibility of speech.
You can adjust the level as needed for the client: Off, Low, Medium, High.

Who knows what they actually do…

Thanks @Chattermail. I’ll suggest it at my visit next week and we’ll see what happens.

Is there anyone who know if Transient Noise Management remove sur the shotgun sounds discomfort?

No hearing aid can suppress adequately the blast from a shotgun. You need full hearing protection. I’d also turn off the aids while trap shooting and such.

Thanks for your answer KenP. I use also full hearing protection for skeet shooting. I was only curious to knows if OPN Noise management remove partially rifle and shotgun sounds. I have to change my Oticon Agil Pro. The new OPN is my first choice but it’s really expansive in Quebec Canada.

Well, it would remove some depending on the domes used. The protection would progress from open-fit thru double domes. You’ll get a bit more protection from turning the aids off. Double domes are the biggest protection but still in the not much category. I never wore protection hunting. My loss was a moderate one until I encountered Meniere’s. If you do go that route, I’d add foam plugs above the domes. Not perfect but you’d still be able to converse. Shotguns put out a pretty good shock-wave and I really wouldn’t want to expose HA mics to that very often.

“BTW, keeping the ON app running drains aid and phone batteries really fast”

My batteries are lasting about 5 days. After reading this I did not even launch the app and they still lasted only 5 days, no difference than when I had left the app on most of the time.

I doubt the app uses much battery; streaming is another matter.

After I initially read the post mentioning the app draining battery I stopped using it or even starting it. I don’t have enough history with it to notice a difference. Streaming is the energy user for me. I also don’t use the app for anything it seems so having it on or not has no other noticeable difference. The HAs still have random fluttering from left to right when streaming.

The only time I notice anything like sound shifting from side to side is if the batteries are low.

My Audi is going to talk with Oticon about the Bluetooth connection issue in the car - it starts with the iPhone connected to the car, but then it switches to the aids and back and forth with the car.

I too am having little trouble with Bluetooth in my Ford pickup. The pickup shows its synced with the phone, but when the phone rings it only rings in my ears, not the pickup, but then when I answer it then changes to the pickup speakers, but with a slight delay. But I think its more the phone than the HA’s as before it would switch back and forth between phone and pickup randomly.

You can adjust the call/audio routing settings under the General-Accessibility menu from your iPhone. I think the default setting is “automatic” for routing which might confuse the phone. You can set it to use the aids for all calls/audio or never use the aids when another routing path (e.g… car speakers) is possible.

Thanks Tony. My iPhone shows Automatic, Bluetooth Headset, and Speaker as options. Hearing aids are not listed. I’ll see what it shows when I’m in the car.

DianaS for some reason the hearing aid Bluetooth iPhone connection is shown under Settings->General->Accessibility->Hearing Aids then Audio Routing for streaming options. The hearing aids are not shown under Settings->Bluetooth.

Hi folks, I’m new to the world of hearing aids. After battling high frequency hearing loss for 35+ years, I’ve finally come to terms with the fact I need hearing aids to help ease my struggling in the typical situations. I’m quite curious and interested in the OPNs, and all of your comments regarding them.

My question is, as these HAs are computers, particularly the advanced models, how often do the manufacturers update the firmware/software on the various models? In the typical 3 year warranty period, how many updates can I expect, and are they typically chargable items, or free?

Thanks in advance.