OPN S - 105 Receiver problems


Hi this is my first time making a post

I have uploaded my previous audio gram to show my loss - severe to profound.

I have been trialing the OPN S 3 - this is the first time I have tried a 105 power receiver and there appears to be some kind of distortion - whenever I start hearing speech I hear a cutting sound.

The settings have been changed from one extreme to the other, right away it sounds better but the crackle comes back once I get used to the settings - we got new molds made and it comes back.

The aids have been exchanged - she tried OPN S 1 but didn’t help.

We tried the 100 Receiver with a dome and it seemed better with regards to the distortion but not loud enough for me. My Audiologists wants me to have the power I need.
She thinks I am perceiving the strong vibrations in the C Shell.

Has anyone had issues with the 105 receiver making crackling sounds - almost like when an aid has moisture in it?

I like the clarity overall and the loudness in sound but hope we can fix the issue I have with the receiver.



I wonder if the BTE Power version of the OPN S is available yet or not. I know the original OPN does have the BTE Power version already available. I’m thinking maybe this version with the receiver housed inside the hearing aid itself and not in the canal in the mold may be more impervious to vibration due to very strong amplification. It’d be another thing to try just to rule out various factors.

If that indeed works, I wonder if your audi would be willing to let you use the original OPN BTE PP13 for now until Oticon has that version out for the OPN S then she lets you upgrade to the S when available.



Thank you for your response - I forgot to mention that we tried the BTE also for the OPN S and I had the same issue.

We tried the original OPN and had the same results.



I’ve experienced the crackling sound with a 105 dB receiver as well. The receiver was replaced but the sound seems to be returning.



Might be your ears?

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I have the exact same issues in just my right ear. If o turn that side done by 2- clicks it goes away but so does the sound



Yes, same here. I think these receivers have problems.



If it’s distortion it may be your ears. It takes the brain some time to learn how to deal with the new sounds.

I’ve had distortion when going to new settings and getting the gain I need but was not getting. It usually resolves after a few weeks or months. If the distortion seems to follow your hearing loss that is more evidence. In other words, if you have distortion with louder sounds in frequencies where you have more hearing loss, it’s probably your ears.



My audiologist was able to pick up the sound on the first set of aids when she listened through the tube.

Initially they thought it was something to do with the new feedback technology but they ruled it out.

Anyone who has heard the crackling sound and has worn hearing aids will probably feel it is a hardware issue not something to get used to - the sound of speech is unbearable each initial sound cracks.

I have had hearing aids most of my life and know when it’s something to get used I don’t think this is the case here; it seems like others have seems issues in the 105.

We almost went with the BTE but my audiologists wanted to test them first and as mentioned above the cracking sound was noticeable…

Has anyone had this and managed to solve the issue - even if I turned down the volume it was noticeable?

I loved the initial clarity I had when we tested them and hope to fix this.



I had another adjustment yesterday and no matter what we do short of turning the volume way down, the right one still sounds like a blown speaker particularly in response to mid and high frequency sounds.

It is frustrating and actually impacts the ability to hear and understand on that side.



That’s annoying - I had mine tuned and settings turned on and off etc; Oticon also remotely changed the settings.
Right away it sounded better but soon after the cracking sound set in again.

This is why I am wondering if this is a hardware issue?

The closest I have ever had to this kind of sound was when a pair of CIC’s had sweat in them and they made that static kind of sound.



If it’s possible to temporarily swap the receivers on your aids you could hold the receiver in the canal to test. See if the problem moves with the receiver or stays with the aid.



The issue is consistent with other 105 receivers. I have Oticon custom molds and we have had the receiver (not just the wire) changed to try that.

This issue is identical to the issue I had with Phonak M90’s during trial whereas I don’t have this with two different pairs of Oticon OPN 1 aids.

The other annoying issue is that the left aid constantly disconnects from Bluetooth on the phone and the Oticon App. The right one hasn’t experienced this once and Oticon claims they have never heard of this. Right.



I am enjoying this thread. The possibility of using RIC type aids would be nice for severe/profound loss. Frequency lowering could possibly be used with RIC aids to help ski slope type hearing loss, even profound loss.



My aids sometimes disconnect from the app but the connection remains to my iPhone. What I do is when I notice my aids having a hard time connecting to the iPhone, I don’t worry about the app, I first restart my iPhone normally that fixes the slow connection to the aids. If that doesn’t work then I forget my aids and repair them to the phone. Now always make sure it isn’t the batteries that are weak first.
As for as the app it has always given me issues with disconnect and I have gotten to where I don’t even bother with it.



I have severe high frequency loss and at the 4 and 6 KHz range, at the max amplification I don’t really hear the tone per se, but my ears (which are OK at low frequencies) can pick up the mechanical buzz of the receiver being driven too hard.

I wonder if this is what you may also hear, the mechanical buzz of the receiver when driven too hard, and not really the amplification of the receiver causing distortion necessarily.

I discovered this when I use the in-situ audiometry feature, when I sweep to the 4-6 KHz range, it’s very obvious to me that my hearing can’t hear those frequencies anymore, even at the receiver’s max amplification, but then my ears can hear the mechanical buzzing, presumably from the receiver vibrating hard trying to amplify at those frequencies.

I PM’ed you a number of things to try, I forgot to mention this option. Have your audi try the in-situ audiometry for you and see if you hear the mechanical buzzing noise from the receiver at any of those tones. Again, without posting your audiogram, it’s hard to know how your hearing loss is being affected and offer more specific/helpful suggestions.



I think you may be exactly correct Volusiano. A male cardinal was just singing outside the window. A single isolated sound.

What I perceived in my right ear which I have been complaining about having the sensation of a blown speaker on was I believe as you described it, the mechanical buzz of the receiver when “driven too hard”.

I would assume that there must be some certain frequency of which my audi could lower the amplification to reduce this?

Question then becomes whether this reduces the ability to hear from that device?



I’m not saying that there are some persistent problems with overdriven receivers in Oticon manufactured products, but let’s just say there’s one manufacturer who I’ve sent several repairs for high power ITE back more than others.

I suspect there’s something in the receiver drive spec that’s very near the limit or a weird resonance that causes premature drive rod weld failure.



My audiologist has made the molds smaller they fit in the bend of the canal this has gotten rid of most of the crackle sounds.

I have one issue - my wife’s and the kids voices (I guess female voices also) the aids makes some kind of swirl chirp in my ears. It is hard for me to describe it is not the crackle it’s more like an internal feedback - I say internal because only I can hear it.

My audiologist tried to limit the output of the high frequency (I am not familiar with all the terms) this took away from sharpness and clarity overall including speech.

She says that basically those pitches hit the aid and when it amplifies the sound I perceive it as a distortion.

I currently have The OPN S 3 she said if I had the 1 she would have much more to work with.

Has anyone had this and managed to resolve it with a 105?