Opn S 1 through Amplifon / Cigna


Can you say frustrated?

Amplifon told me they were all set up in the system and to go ahead and order them which I did 2 weeks ago.

They came in, we set up an appointment for tomorrow morning and I have just been advised that Amplifon should never have told me to order them because Cigna apparently hasn’t finished their negotiations with Oticon yet and my audi has to send them back and I need to reorder them once they are officially in the system and go through this process all over again.



Yes, that would indeed be frustrating! I wonder if your audi might talk Oticon in to trialing them and then once the negotiations are finished, the same pair could then be changed to “sold”?



That would make too much sense :confused:



I’m in the same holding pattern. It’s with Cigna contracts department as I understand. Once the contracts department finalizes the price negotiations, the OPN S will be added to the list and Amplifon will be notified. The Cigna Contract department is insulated behind the Cigna Support organization and the support organization claims that Amplifon will know before they themselves know. I am relegated to staying in contact with Amplifon to check for updates. I’ve been told by an Audiologist that the cost difference to them between the OPN 1 and the OPN S1 is quite inconsequential. Even they could not understand the reason for the delay with Cigna. frustrating indeed…

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Mine were actually sitting at the audiologist office waiting for me and they sent them back today. This just seems like stupidity. The last 3 times I went through Amplifon I didn’t have to pay till I decided I wanted them during the 60 day trial period. Had that still been the case o could have received them today but Amplifon doesn’t allow that anymore.



One would think they should have had the pricing contract agreed to prior to the release.

Also with Cigna…don’t bother to try and get the price.lower, use coupons from Amplifon, etc. It only increases the amount you have to pay out of pocket because it reduces the price and therefore the amount of the benefit Cigna actualy pays. In .y case with a 2k deductible on my medical it’s impossible to actually realize the full 3k of coverage available to me as it’s based on 80% of the difference between the price and what your deductible is.



Yeah, trying to save money with an insurance company involved is a lost cause… My out of network deductible is $1k/yr and 60/40 with $5k max out of pocket, none of which is fullfilled, so going to Costco (out of network) to save money was futile… My in network $500/yr deductible is already fulfilled and my 80/20 with $2500 max out of pocket is too for 2019 due to some other events. Staying in network at a private audiology practice basically gets me any hearing aid i want for free. What is my incentive to go to Costco or mess with trying to save anything? I’m forced to play the game. I’d laugh at it if it didn’t make me sick, but i diverge…

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Baby steps…
This morning I received word from my Audi that Cigna has updated their system adding the Oticon OPN S to “the list”. Amplifon has not yet updated their system but it should happen “soon”.



Tomorrow should be the day…

I received this note from my Amplifon contact today: “The models that will be available are supposed to be updated in our system tomorrow. I will be able to follow up with you to confirm when they are officially uploaded tomorrow.



Yesterday ( Monday) they told me that they would definitely be updated today which is Tuesday



I was contacted today by Amplifon. The OPN S is now uploaded as a Cigna approved model in their system and is available for ordering by providers.



I got 3k towards my aids and paid $1795 out of pocket via Cigna / Amplifon for the OPNS1 T



How can anyone offer OPN1 for 2K less? Amplifon only charges 4550 total now for a pair of OPN1 aids. You are saying someone is selling you the S for 2k a pair? Something tells me there is no extended warranty, no follow up visits, no 3 years worth of batteries, no loss coverage, etc. Nothing that Amplifon sells which is authorized by Cigna is more than $2495 per aid because Cigna caps it at that price.



I agree that it sounds like an unbelievable deal. I didn’t use Cigna/Amplifon (although I could have) and went with a higher priced, self-pay “bundled” package instead rather than the limited visits through Amplifon. I also wanted to choose my own audiologist based on training, skills, and reputation rather than have Amplifon direct me to one. Most people on the Forum would say I overpaid–but seeing as how audiologists in my area charge $150 per hour (big city rates–I know it’s a lot cheaper in the boonies), for follow-up visits and I need many adjustments, paying the higher bundled package price was the right choice for me. Price, value, and good follow-up service are in the eye of the buyer, I guess.



I chose my Audi and fortunately they were in network with Amplifon. My particular Audi gives me unlimited follow up visits, Amplifon provides the custom molds free, etc.
As I just moved to VA, if I wanted to have my OPN 1 aids which I bought through my Audi up in MA reprogrammed it would cost me $175 and hour