OPN S 1 disconnecting from iPhone

I have a client who has relatively new OPN S 1 rechargeables. He’s had a problem lately with the devices not pairing with the phone (I believe it is an iPhone X or 11). At the clinic, I saw that the phone wouldn’t pair with his aids, but would pair with other devices in the clinic. The aids connected by bluetooth to the computer with no problem. In the computer (Genie) I deleted the connection to the iphone. I also turned the phone off and then on again. I was able to then pair the hearing aids to the phone. However he called later in the day to say they had disconnected again. Any suggestions?

I would ask him whether he has updated the firmware on his phone. If he is on old firmware, that might be the cause.



I talked to him a few minutes ago. Firmware is all up to date, iPhone 11. The disconnection happens when he ventures more than a few meters away from his phone, which makes sense, but that doesn’t mean he should have to completely re-pair the aids to the phone.

When you pair HAs to an iPhone, there are normally two things. One is pairing with the iPhone itself and second is the HA manufacturer’s app. Is he using an app?

If he is using an app, for example I use Resound’s Smart 3D app with my Resound LINX Quattros, then when his HAs unpair from his phone, have they actually disconnected from the phone and the app, or just from the app?

The easy way to check whether the HAs are still connected to the phone is to go into Settings, Accessibility, Hearing Devices and then the top line will show the paired HAs and it will be in blue with connected next to it or black with not connected next to it.

If they are not re-connecting to the Phone, then I am at a loss. If they are re-connecting to the phone but not the app, then I would try deleting the app (which will also delete all the data associated with it), then reinstall the app. He may have to pair the HAs from the beginning again.

Might try to hard boot the phone, not just turning it off.
Good luck.

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Ok I have been using Oticon hearing aids for over 10 years, and the iPhone and iPad for close to 7 years, something I have noticed over the years, if I start have issues connecting to my aids or back before directly connecting to aids my steamer, I would first reboot the iPhone or iPad. Apple still has an issue with not cleaning up background garbage. The reboot is what it takes to remove all of the old garbage that apps leave behind. And if needed I would forget my streamer or aids and pair again. I have also, found it better to reboot the iPhone or iPad before the pairing.