OPN ConnectClip issues

As of 8/16/19 I’m a week into Oticon OPN 1s with the ConnectClip. I have mastered use of the IPhone paired to the hearing aids, but want the convenience of total hands-free talking. I had that option in the “streamer” devices I’ve worn for the last two sets of hearing aids, and the sound quality was good.

I’ve read some roughly 18-month-old posts about issues with the ConnectClip and the IPhone. Mine’s a 6s. I tried to use the ConnectClip for a call today and the sound quality on both ends was abysmal. It was tolerable just using the microphone on the IPhone.

Can anyone give me a layman’s explanation as to what is going on and how it can be set right? I still have about five weeks of trial period with these things (the rechargeable version with built-in battery). For background purposes, I do not stream music, television, or anything other than phone calls. This is not a show stopper, but if it worked with the loop antenna, I’m disappointed it’s not working as well with newer technology. I hate not having both hands free to take notes or to be able to walk around while talking and not having to hold the phone. Picky, picky, picky.

Any help appreciated.

Eliot B

I’ve had Opn S1 HAs and ConnectClip since early this year. I use them with a laptop, an iPhone and an android phone. I usually leave my CC connected to my laptop and just use the microphone of the iPhone. However, when I use the CC with the laptop or either of my phones, it works fine for me. I place it on the desk in front of me or occasionally hold it in my hand. If your HAs are connected using MFi (which they should be), the connection from the iPhone to the HAs is direct, so the CC has nothing to do with it.

Where are you placing the phone and the CC relative to your HAs when you are making a call?

Maybe I need to find out more about this MFi stuff. I have used the setup with the phone on a table in front of me, transmitting audio via Bluetooth to the hearing aids, and using the microphone on the phone itself. That works well enough to be acceptable.

My issue is with the CC device. I turn it on, watch it pair, then place a call. The audio sucks in both directions. I have not looked at this MFi business. Is there perhaps some setting I need to change? If so, this system is far more complicated and far worse than just using the “streamer” of prior generations.

I have so far used the CC device attached to the fabric loop around my neck. I want to be able to use the CC as a mike for the phone rather than the phone’s microphone.

I found an email address in a facebook post for Oticon so I have sent them an email complaining and asking for any guidance they can offer.

Thanks for responding.

Eliot B

You should probably unpair the CC and HAs from your phone, then re-pair them.

First pair the HAs using MFi - not bluetooth. You will find the setting in General / Accessibility / MFi Hearing Devices. After you pair the HAs, phone will connect with them. You don’t need to use the Opn app to monitor the HAs. You can see the battery and volume and also use the iPhone as a microphone from within MFi. On my phone, I access MFi by pressing the home button 3 times.

When the HAs are paired, then you should pair the CC with the phone using blueooth.

When the HAs and CC are paired with the phone, you will be able to test the audio using the Opn app. With the Opn app, you can select either the iPhone mic or the CC for input.

Many thanks for the step-by-step instructions. I’ll give them a try and post a note once I’ve tried out the new and improved pairing! It may take me a while, but I’ll report back.

I’m just back from the audiologists’ and we repaired everything per your description. All is working well now. Many thanks for the guidance.

I do use my cc for hands free phone calls with my iPhone mostly will driving. And I haven’t had any issues doing so. I clip the cc to my shirt pocket or collar and everyone can hear me just fine.

Thanks. I just returned from the audiologist and we repaired everything according to the guidance from
Darylm and all is working as it should now.

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Hi! I know this issue has been resolved, but I have one question about CC. I have CaptionCall phone 67TB with bluetooth. Audiologist called Oticon if they would work together. The answer was that the phone and HA (Oticon Opn S) could pair but they haven’t had reports that the phone will stream to HA. Does anyone know for sure if it works? If it does, I am thinking to buy ConnectClip. Thank you!

@Tomo, Maybe your audiologist can let you borrow a ConnectClip to try before you buy it (i.e., give you a “trial” Clip to use for a week or so). Then you can bring it home and see if it pairs with your CaptionCall phone. If it does, you can purchase the clip. Just a thought.


Oh! I didn’t know I can trial ConnectClip. I will ask my audiologist if she has any ConnectClip for trial.Thank you for your suggestion,

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