Opn and iPhone: anyone getting good results?

Seems like a great hearing aid, but lots of complaints about streaming music from iPhone. Does this work well for any of you using the Opn?

I have no problems with streaming

No problems here as well…

Educate an old guy… How old are you guys that depend on constant music from an iPhone? Is it during work, while driving or just home entertainment?

I was asking for my son. He’s 22. It’s a feature I know he would appreciate. It wouldn’t be a deal breaker, but I was wondering if it worked as advertised.

I would only complain about bad connection streaming quality on iphone calls.

I have no complaint streaming music and videos from the iPhone. I don’t do it daily, but the few times I’ve done it so far I never had any issue.

Music is potentially a big disappointment depending on what domes your son has, and how much bass he likes. Basically, there’s no way to get much of anything below 250Hz with open domes, and even with closed domes, you won’t get much of anything below 100Hz. The net effect is that most bass is gone, which, depending on the type of music, is a serious issue.

No issues with connectivity to iPhone or Tv adaptor whatsoever…both excellent sound quality.

I just got (for the first time) Oticon Opn 1 aids and a new iphone SE. The audio quality of the ears phones that came with the phone is much better than the audio of the Oticons. Streamed audio has been jerky at times. If you’re looking for a high quality music experience then Oticon is not it. That said, you can hear it!

Just sent my Alta Pro Mini out for repair. Warranty is up next month. i’m wearing a pair of OPN 1 demos in the mean while. i downloaded the ON app to my 6S . I was connected to my phone and playing music from my phone in a matter of seconds. Way easier than before. Love the KISS principle of the new system.

Stereo ! Wow that’s a first for Oticon .

I bought a set of OPN 1 hearing aids from Buyhear in January and have been streaming music and podcasts to them from my iPhone 6 since then. They have worked quite well for the most part. Pairing them to the iPhone is quick and easy using the hearing aid accessibility feature of the iPhone.

The sound quality is decent but of course there isn’t much bass (really not any), just mid range and treble as you might expect. The bluetooth connection seems to be fairly stable but it does drop out occasionally, usually on just one side. To fix the problem I usually just turn off bluetooth on the iPhone and then turn it back on again and the connection is reestablished.

About a week ago I updated the firmware on my OPN 1 hearing aids from version 2 to version 4 (I have an ExpressLINK device and the Genie 2 software so I can do it myself) and so far I think that the bluetooth connection is more stable and improved. Since the update I have had only one dropout on one side which was quickly fixed by turning bluetooth off and on again.

Another problem that seems to have been fixed (at least so far) since the firmware update is having one of the aids reboot spontaneously. I had that happen occasionally before the update but since then it has not happened once.

Do you get bass when you plug you ears with your fingers?

" The sound quality is decent but of course there isn’t much bass (really not any), just mid range and treble as you might expect." I’m wondering if an EQ phone app would correct this somewhat ? The EQ included with iPhone music appears to do nothing .

Yes! I just tried it and the sound is much better. That’s something that I wasn’t aware of. My hearing is fine at low frequencies (below about 1,000 hertz) and drops off fairly quickly in the higher frequencies so I just use open domes which allows me to hear unamplified lower frequencies normally.

I tried using the built-in EQ that the iPhone comes with. Tried the bass boost but it didn’t make any difference that I could detect.

Yeah, that’s the inherent issue with streaming sound to your HA while wearing open domes. It affects any HA. The receivers are already smaller in the first place, with barely any bass production capability. Add to that large vents of the open domes and all the (already weak) bass would escape out of the vents. If you switch to the closed bass domes with the single vent hole (which is what I use on my OPN, and my loss profile is the ski slope curve similar to yours), it’ll help improve the bass by a bit. Even then, plugging my ears with my fingers still improve it a little bit more. I find the closed bass domes with single vent to be a good compromise between still be able to avoid occlusion and being able to get more bass out of the OPN. It also helps with minimizing feedback as well. I can put my hands over the OPN completely and get no feedback at all.

I don’t notice any more bass either switching to Bass Booster in the Music EQ setting for the iPhone. But if I try other non-bass settings like Vocal Booster or Treble Reducer, I do notice more mids and less highs for example. This means that the iPhone EQ setting does affect how the HA sounds, but it’s just that Bass Booster setting in the iPhone EQ is for a range too low for what the OPN receiver can produce.

If I use my regular headphones then I can hear more bass on the Bass Booster, but I can tell that that extra bass is in the very low frequency range. Much lower than anything I could ever hear from the OPN receiver.

Quit screwing around and get yourself a pair at properly vented custom molds.
Wear them all the time for a couple of weeks bet the echo goes away.

Thanks for that info on the closed domes. I’ll give that a try and see how they do.