OPN 3 review from OPN 1 owner’s perspective



Glad to hear that you’re going to give it a try. I’m fairly sure that you’ll be happy with the iPhone streaming experience with the OPN. Make sure your audi confirms that the ones you get are on firmware 4.0. I also hope that you’ll like the OPN above and beyond the iPhone streaming experience as well.


Thank you Volusiano. .


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What a wonderful review you gave. I’m going with Audiometrics and they suggested the OPN3 for me. Thank you so much.


Thanks for the detailed review.

What would have been interesting is to do a blind test where you don’t know the ones you’re wearing. I wonder how much has to do with placebo efffect?


Thanks for the suggestion. I’m pretty sure I can tell the difference in a blind test. It’s that obvious to me, but only in the restaurant complex environment I was in. For other stuff like streaming. I wouldn’t be able to tell a difference of course because it’d be identical there.


I tried the OPN 1’s and then the 3’s. In my use, I really couldn’t tell any difference. If I had switched back and forth in the same environment perhaps I would have noticed some change. I bought the 3’s and have not been disappointed at all. They are a great improvement, for me anyway, over my Alta2 Pro’s. I could not really hear TV without streaming on the Alta’s and worried about not being able to stream to the OPN’s until the Android compatibility happened. I was surprised and very pleased when I did not even need streaming with the OPN’s as I could hear very well without it! I have no plans to buy the Connect Clip when it finally does appear. I agree with your assessment on 1’s vs 3’s. In my case, I think in a blind test I would have had to guess which ones I was wearing. I have previously worn several different aids, Oticon Delta’s, Oticon Intigas, Oticon Alta2 Pro Ti’s and the OPN’s have been the far greater improvement than the difference of the upgrades between the others. Much more than I expected. I am also really enjoying self programming, wish I had done it earlier. Thanks so much for your review. A++++


Thank you very much for your carefully detailed article. It was very helpful to this rookie. I have had hearing issues for years, but I am now ready to go with hearing aids. I’ll likely be going with the OPN 1, charger, etc.

My brother-in-law has this HA and he loves it. He has had it for about a year.

Funny, for years I have dreaded the thought of having to wear HAs, but now I am excited about it and the promise of getting some of my life back.

Thank you…


nice review, I’m gonna see if I can get the 3 in the PP version soon maybe :smiley:


Excellent and comprehensive review! You should have charged and been paid for it. Then you could be eating at La Bernardin instead of Red Lobster.


I’ve read this thread for about the third time now. A week and a half in with my OPN3, having great success with them, but still second guessing a bit whether to keep this or move up the Oticon ladder to the 2 or 1.

The OPN3 are $3k + $600 fitting fee, from the audiologist at a nearby medical center. I’m in a rural area, so not much shopping around to do. Plus, I’m already this deep into it, into my trial period, and the audi seems good and to be doing things right.

OPN2s are $4k, and the OPN3 are $6k, so we definitely are off the 20% break point for the OPN3 to 1s.

My experience is that I feel very successful in understanding voices in all environments with these OPN3s. I went to a live music event last night, a jazz quartet in a small tavern, and the music sounded better with the OPN3s in than out – I tried that. It was really loud in there, and I could hear my wife and the waitress and my neighbor who came over to talk. Today we took a house guest from Nepal out to lunch. She has good English but a bit of an accent, almost British. I heard her in the restaurant, as well as my wife and the waitress, not a single, “what?”

My audi had decided that my brain hearing is good, that I’d be a good candidate for the OPN3, and that seems to be the case. I don’t mind hearing all the sounds, and I seem to be able to make out voices, even if I’m still struggling a bit sometimes.

The thing is, now that I’m getting used to hearing better, I have a taste for wanting to hear even better and even clearer. Though I understand people generally well now, I still have to struggle a bit for voices sometimes. I am understanding, but some sounds are a bit muddled or not entirely natural sounding, especially voices sometimes. I don’t know if I’ll ever again experience anything like the hearing I used to have, which I’m only just now reminded of, or if it’s reasonable to hope for that. Though the streaming isn’t a great musical experience (not much bass), I feel like streaming music or podcasts with these is a bit clearer than real life voices.

I don’t have an audiogram to post, and I don’t know if I’d characterize my loss as moderate or severe. Definitely beyond “slight” though. I think on these forums you’d call it “ski slope.” One thing is that now I hear my turn signal blinking, while before my wife, in the passenger seat, had to tell me my blinker was still on.

I see my audi late this week, and I guess I’ll try to articulate this. She is of the opinion, so far, that the OPN3 should be good enough for me. I’m mostly inclined to go along with that, but I’m wondering enough that I might trial a 2 or 1 just to see. Out of all of it I’m wondering if either the Clear Dynamics feature would help, or if it’s simply that electronics and small speakers are never going to bring back the full natural clarity of my youth. I guess I’ll know more if I trial it.


If it was me, and they are working well, I would keep them. There is no guarantee the 2’s or 1’s will be better. Let’s say there is some setting and the 3 can go from 1 to 4, and the 1 can go from 1 to 8. If you have it set to 3 you would not benefit by going to the 1. Sure you might need it in the future but you also might buy new anyway by then.

Also, to be honest, sometimes the pros don’t really know what setting or which change resulted in you hearing better. Many do but many are just winging it and might not be able to set up another hearing aid and get the same results.

So again, if it was me, and I was not saying “huh” in a very difficult hearing environment? I would be done and saying hallelujah!


Thank you. That’s interesting. I sort of thought in my next appt she might tweak them a little more, but indeed, maybe we should stop here! I hadn’t thought about the possibility of things going from OK to worse.


Well, you might benefit from a tweak. I couldn’t know that. But, if you can’t point to anything that is not working well…


Max noise reduction for the OPN 3 is only 3 dB so I’m not sure if there’s much to tweak up anymore than that, and for sure you don’t want to tweak down. Although there’s a possibility that your provider had it set to 0, but that would be a sin to do so…

I think the only way to know if you can tell a difference is to ask your provider to let you try out the OPN 1 so you can decide for yourself. Maybe they’ll be agreeable to it because the upside is that they may be able to profit a little more from the OPN 1. And on your end, you can decide if the OPN 1 is worth the cost difference or not.

If they’re willing to do it, I’d go one step further and ask them if you can keep both the 1 and the 3 to do A/B comparison on the spot. That is the best way to test things out. Otherwise, it’d be hard to rely on memory.


I think the smaller struggles that you mentioned earlier can probably be alleviated when you try out the OPN 1. But if course only YOU can tell that or not.

If I had to draw an analogy, I would say that the OPN 3 experience is like watching a 4k TV. The picture is nice and clear and sharp and you’re very happy with it. But then the OPN 1 experience is like watching the same 4k TV, but this time in a 3D content. There’s suddenly another dimension you didn’t know exist before. You’re already happy, but now you’re whispering to yourself: “Nice!”

The question to yourself is whether that “Nice!” Is worth $2k for you or not? It really depends on your perceived value, and also based on your personal lifestyle.


In my case I would look at efficacy under a plotted curve during the first 3 years and then add some additional value if the curve extends one or two years longer than the OPN 3 because of the improved performance of the OPN 1. Only you can judge efficacy. This is especially true if you forecast a hearing decline for yourself.