OPN 1 BTE reset on loud noise

When using the TV connector any loud noise (mainly my coughing) causes the hearing aids to shut down. This may last for a few seconds and then return to the TV1 program or sometimes they change to program 1. This only happens in the TV program and not in any of the other programs. Any suggestions for a fix.

This was discussed in a prior thread and I think the OP found the problem to be aggressive setting of the Transient Noise Management function in Automatics section of Genie2.

The opn’s have a software problem. I was told they should have a fix in late Q3. I have software ver 5.0.

I fixed my problem by creating a second program 2 identical to program program 1. I then removed speech rescue from program one. Now load noises do not disconnect from my TV connector. It has to be program 1 that the speech rescue is removed from. In my work shop load sudden noises will make program 2 disconnect but with program 1 without the speech rescue is not affected by the loud noises.

If you are getting a clicking noise in the background when listening to music with Iphone it is most likely caused by some Bluetooth interference. Mine was caused by my Apple watch. Turning airplane mode on and then turning it back on from the watch removes the clicking sound for me.

Thanks for sharing this Speech Rescue tip online. I am occasionally affected by the loud noise cutting out issue as well but I never suspected Speech Rescue to be the culprit. But it does make sense because Speech Rescue is probably a very processor intensive operation.

In the older platform, I heard that certain functionalities had to be sacrificed when Speech Rescue was enabled. But on the new Velox platform, they don’t mention any limitation with Speech Rescue. But maybe there remains some hidden side effect like this that they don’t want to tell the users.

Fortunately the loud noise cut out issue is not pervasive to me, and I do rely on Speech Rescue a lot, so turning it off is not an option for me. I’d rather put up with an occasional cut out just to have Speech Rescue enabled.

Although I’m curious enough now to want to try it out to confirm whether it is indeed the culprit for my situation as well.

To me, turning off the Transient Noise Management feature doesn’t solve this issue for me like it does for some other folks anyway. So the only other thing to test is with turning off Speech Rescue.

The new firmware update v.6 seems to have solved this particular issue.