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I hope I’m not breaking any protocols or rules here. But I’d really like to hear some opinions on my new web site. I am going into private practice soon, and have produced a web site. If anyone has the time to give it a look over and post an opinion (good or bad) I’d really appreciate it. Please let me know if you are a patient or a professional when making comments.

Thanks in advance.


what is exactly Nfusion, what are the benefits for the clients, what is so different from the other HI?, I had ask a couple of starkey reps but I never get a clear answer… perhaps you could clairfy this

The site is extremely well done. Like I think I said before I wish I was in the TN area so you could try adjusting these Starkeys for me. I’ve been to 3 different offices and nobody can seem to get them right:mad:. Nobody want to do the REM on them:confused:, eventhough that a big selling feature of the 1600’s. Enough of my rant. Your site looks great and I wish you all the best luck in you ne endeavor. Howie:D

     <b>nFUSION AT A GLANCE</b>
  • A powerful and flexible open architecture integrated circuit.
  • Research-based algorithms for activation of advanced features that learn.
  • [*]Bi-synchronous communication between hardware and software that ensures continuous improvement in the patient's outcome.
I'm not a professional, just copy and pasted from the Starkey site. Sorry if you think I'm being a smart ass:o. Howie

Here’s Starkey’s web site on the subject:


Personally, I think when it comes down to it, what it means is that by using this particular method of producing a microchip for their hearing aids, they have produced one which is faster than one in the average digital hearing aid. As a result of this faster processing speed the chip can accomplish more things than many digital aids on the market.

Think of it this way. You only have a finite amount of time to reduce background noise, reduce feedback, and provide a good quality sound. If you take too long the brain will notice a delay in a person speaking and the sound hitting your ears. Therefore, the faster the chip, the more it can refine the sound digitally before presenting it to your ears.

From what I’ve seen the nFusion chip does an incredible job. In fact it’s now the engine for all the major Starkey digital aids. Since they introduced the chip, I’ve seen some incredible usable gain without feedback, and some excellent background noise suppression.

Can I truly explain on a technical level what defines nFusion? Not really. I’ve been to a lecture on it, and from what I know of microprocessors it does seem to possess certain hard to find qualities, when it comes to hearing aid chips, but trying to define it here, I can’t really do that.

I’m glad you liked the site. I hope my patients do too!

I am blown away that you can’t find anyone to do the REM. It is probably the single most important feature of the 1600. There are but a handful of aids in the world that have self-REM. To not set that, is like owning a Porsche but never driving over 55.

I just had a thought though. Give me the name of the city and state that you are nearest to (PM if you like). I can talk to some of the Starkey reps at the factory. They will be able to tell me honestly who sucks and who is good in your area. I might be able to recommend someone. If you want to PM me the names of the idiots who can’t program these aids, I can exclude them from the list. It’s worth a shot, the Starkey reps are usually pretty well informed about who knows their stuff.

ZCT: I find it difficult to believe that Starkey has a lock on a superior (DSP) chip. Starkey sold their chip lab to one of the moderately large chip makers some time ago. So that chip fabricator has almost surely offered the same chip type to other aid manufacturers by now in order to reap the benefits of economies of scale.

Siemens and Phonak surely have the clout to obtain the fastest best DSP chips for their products. In the electronics business no one is able to hold a technological edge for very long. Yes they can hold an edge in propaganda (and maybe algorithms) for quite a while but not in hardware. Ed

I believe that Starkey have three world patents pending on this technology, so I don’t think you’ll see this exact same technology in other products.

But in all fairness, I’m not here to argue about Starkey. I’ve been dispensing since 1994. I’ve fitted Siemens, Oticon, Widex, Philips, Danavox, A&M, Phonak and Unitron, during my time with independent companies.

When it comes down to it I found that the overall package that Starkey offer is, in my humble opinion, superior to anything else out there. The customer service rep I used to deal with in the UK, is still there. This is his 30th year with the company. The support products Starkey offer me are excellent. The value for their products is there. The customer service is amazing. The flexibility is outstanding. The selection of products and price points is wonderful. Honestly, I could not ask for a better set up.

Your experience may be different. Most specialists have a favorite. But to me Starkey is a top quality non-foreign product. This is why I have chosen to be an exclusive Starkey dealer as opposed to being independent.

To each their own. I’m sure you have your experiences, and reasons for liking what you like. All I know is that my patients are happy, and I am happy. What more could I ask for? :eek:

My question however, was not a debate about who makes the best aids, I was hoping for some opinions about my web design.

ZCT: I see your point. If a product works for both you and your patients…what more can you ask?

Actually I have no favorite brand.

I am not disparaging Starkey’s products as I have no experience with them…just wondering about their use of words in their literature…like nFusion…I suppose the “n” stands for nano and Fusion I guess means joining together… As I pointed out all modern DSP chips use tiny sizes (near nano-meters) that can be legitimately called nano technology. Look, if it works good what else is important? Ed

it is true, we are people
we all have preferences, some people like one manuf… some others-

I agree with ed, I had always wanted to know about the Nfusion…

Once a rep gave me a dvd but it basically did not say much…

I had ask around, and I had never had a straigth answer…

I had heard good comments about the destiny line… …

I thought that the site was informative, attractive and easy to navigate. The only thing that I thought looked strange was the picture on the “About Our Service” page. It looks like a patient shaking hands with a doctor from a hospital bed. Or maybe it was supposed to be a nursing home scene? Anyway, IMHO, I think a picture shaking hands in your office would be better than a picture that might subconsciously cause a person to equate hearing aids with age/illness. That stereotype keeps way too many people from getting themselves the help that they need for their hearing loss.

That’s a really good point, and I believe something my wife told me. :rolleyes:

I really appreciate you looking so carefully at my site, and I will endeavor to find a more appropriate picture. I was going for some kind of medical looking handshake, but you’re quite right this one looks like a doctor shaking hands with someone who is about to die. Probably not what I was wanting to convey!