Opinions on various hearing aid brands

So, I’m looking at getting different hearing aids.I’m looking at bte type aids. I have used Siemans, starkey, and Beltone. The beltones are my least favorite. I was wondering what opinions were on other brands or the ones I mentioned.

Use the search engine from right here on hearing tracker, there’s no best brand of HA, but you can find a ton of information from so many posts on this very subject, most of us have tried quite a few just like you have.


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As tenkan said, all modern aids can help you.
The difference is the audiologists or fitter. Find someone who will work with you and listen to you.
Something to learn about is Bluetooth. Different manufacturer aids are better than others with Bluetooth (phones) and remote microphones. That’s the tuff part other than finding a fitter you are happy with.

Lots of great information here on the forum.lots of members who will help you.

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I’ve tried Signia (Siemens), Oticon, Unitron, Phonak.

I agree if you have an audiologist that you can work well with, this Aud can make or break an excellent result from the aids for you. They all work well. IMO the best one for you is what suits you the best, sounds the closest to normal for you. What fits in with your life style, Bluetooth can be a blessing for some people, MFI aids are great also, if your an IOS phone person.

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I agree with others that fitter is most important although I would tend to stick with major brands: Oticon, Phonak, Resound, Signia, Widex and Starkey. I am biased against Beltone and Miracle Ear.


You certainly don’t explain what you mean by best hearing aid brands. And you’ll probably get enough answers that cover every brand out there. So I’ll just move on but say the best brand is the one you wear.

the title says opinions on hearing aid brands as in the ones you have used.

I am guess I missed the part where you stated ones you have used. But even there are so many variables that can determine a person’s opinion regarding brand. 8 years ago I bought resound bte and they never gave me a problem. Now the resound bte looks very cheaply made. Maybe it is maybe it isn’t. Who knows. Also people may find they have better luck with bte aids then ite aids because of the different environment. So again I’m not really sure what you’re looking for. My current phonak bte come with a 3 yr warranty. Does that mean phonak thinks there aids are better made than the aids with a 1 year warranty. God I hope so. But I’m sure there are plenty who will say their phonak aids were crap

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used Siemens in the past, still a goodie (one works thankfully)

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I have used Sonic, Siemens, and Oticon hearing aids and had really good results from all of them. I have used Oticon the most so I now prefer the Oticon sound.
But I will say this I personally will never push one hearing aid brand over another due to the fact that we are all different, and like different sounds and live and go into different environments.
Also my advice is to get a really good Audi you can work with because that relationship is much more important than the brand of hearing aids you chose

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Used siemans in the past and they were awful. Kept breaking. Used oticon xceed didn’t like them at all. And there you go. I wish there was a better answer for this but I just there’s no clear cut answer. Too many variables

Hello. I have major time deafness in both ears. I find the Oticons work best for me. Just my opinion. Good luck!

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I have tried Oticon, Starkey and Resound. As it has been stated here getting a good audi who knows the brand of HA and how to program them to your hearing loss is key. The major HA brands all offer good HA’s it is a matter of choosing one with the options and best fit for your hearing loss. A major brand of HA and a good audi is a good combination. And new HAs models seem to come out every couple of years from the major HA manufacturers. Beltone HA’s are made by Resound so if you do not prefer Beltone the you may not want Resound.

I agree with all of the above. I have used most of the brands available except Widex. The important part is to find an Audi or heaing aid fitter that will take the time to work with you and adjust the aids to help you the most. Something else is try different brands!! Most clinics allow you to try different aids for from several weeks to several months before deciding which you prefer. If your audi or clinic allow this, DO IT.
Best wishes…