Opinion plz

Hi all! I am getting new aids here in a couple of weeks.I am going from me 7yr old resounds to Phonak micro power IX.The Resounds were ok i got them thru state rehab at the time.They were not what my audi would have liked to put in my ears but we had to work with what the state was willing to do at the time.Now that the state rehab has much more info and a better outlook on aids i am getting new ones.I have mod to profound hearing loss.Audi says my loss fits right in the range of the Micro Powers. I work in a very noisy place lots of machinery and people talking to me all day.Tis i know is a big change from what i had.Any opinions on these aids and what kinda adjustment for me can i expect from the other ones(old aids are cn resounds 440 d).
thanx in advance

Regardless of the brand of the instrument you get, you will see a significant improvement, moreover, today mid price aids are significaantly better than 5 year high end products,

Chances most sounds will sound very different… I would get a remote control if you can afford it, phonak has very discrete ones!