Operating instructions for Phonak

I just got 2 Phonak hearing aids from my step father that died last week, and I am looking for any litrature on them. Both have a volume wheel and a 3 position switch with what looks like O,T, and M on it. One has Picoforte3, PPCLP, and LAH24016 on it, and the other has Maxx 311, Forte, 056X14495. Any help I can get I would be GREATFUL for. THANKS Jim

You might have to contact Phonak directly, on their site.

Sorry but what is it that you want to do with them? Sell them? Wear them? It’s hard to figure out what kind of information is relevant.

I do not see any models on the Phonak website that match the info in your post. But, here is a link to their web page where you can download manuals for all models of their aids.

You can actually put check marks in the boxes and download multiples at one time. You may need to download all of them to find a match!!!

Good Luck