Open fit question for phone and strthoscopes

OK, So I have decided to abandon the CIC Phonak Savia ART. My hearing loss is not conducive to these instruments but vanity was.

The audiologist has always recommended the open fit models.

There is a new model from phonak called Audeo.

How is Audeo different from the Savia ART open fit?

I sometimes have problems hearing on the phone without hearing aids. Seems with the device behind the ear it will not help me on the phone right?

I really don’t have problems with the stethoscope. Will this device be compatible with the stethoscope? The CICs were not even with special adaptors.

Thank you.


The Audeo IX is the same circuit as the Savia Art. Yet, the casing and directional microphone setup is much better and much more “stylish”.

As far as stethoscope use goes, I have found with my patients that are MD’s and nurses that the open fit type works far better than CIC’s and any and all “adaptors” I have tried, provided you can hear the stethoscope adequately without any amplifcation.

If this is the case, then open fits are great, since you can use them with the hearing aids on and just stick the stethoscope tips in the ears.

The phone use on both models are great. The only difference between the two is the larger Savia ART CRT has Easyphone, which switches to telephone mode automatically, whereas you would need to use a remote to access the telecoil program.

On either, I would recommend using MT, using both the Telecoil and microphones, as some phones work great with telecoils and some are very poor, thus the use of the microphone can help.

If feedback is an issue on the phone with MT, on either model, you can have your audi turn down the microphone attenuation to compensate.

At this point today, I would prefer using the Audeo IX’s any day versus CIC’s, especially for stethoscope use and for general comfort.

Your forum and your feedback (no pun intended) has been extremely helpful in this new endeavor.


At this point, it appears that your hearing loss is not interfering with stethoscope use.

There is a company that is launching a new Bluetooth stethescope, that can be linked with bluetooth neckloops, such as the Artones that we use, to hear stethescope sounds wireless thru the neckloop and telecoil enabled hearing aids and you can even use a PDA or laptop to see a graphic of the results.

They are planning on releasing it later this year, so I will post once I receive them.