Open fit hearing aids

I am interested in open fit hearing aids and need recommendations from users. Are they actuslly better than in the ear aids for understanding speech? Has anyone used VirTuo+aids. My audi recommends highly have ear molds for open hearing aids ( kind of like a hollow ite aid) rather than the ear buds. Kind of makes sense to me. Since I have some loss in the low range i.e. 250 hz- 15 in one ear and 30 in the other, and at 5oo hz 25 and 40, at 1000 hz 25 and 50. Are these for me?

Based on the pretty good hearing in the low tones, you probably are a good candidate for open fitting hearing aids. Some Audi’s like to use custom open tips, where they take a mold of the ear and custom make them, while others use the generic tips first.

If you have an unusually large ear or curved ear canal, then I would lean more toward custom tips, which can still be very small and inconspicuous.

We have a few users on the forum who can tell you first hand how they like their open fit devices.

I don’t personally have any experience with the Virtuo from Omni, which is a Starkey product, open fit devices in general are very comfortable and users are more satisfied using them.

I have lots of experience with Sonic Innovations (Ion Open fit), Phonak Micro Eleva and Savia and a few other open fit designs. Yet, I have always avoided using Starkey products, as they do not have the best reputation in the industry.

Yet, if you are dealing with a reputable and trustworthy audi, why not try what he/she is suggesting?

Let us know how it goes.

I wear the Sonic Innovations Ion. I like them overall, better than the other 2 I tried.

The Sonic brochure says that the Ion is the smallest open fit hearing aid out there and I believe them. It is tiny and works great for me.

I know a lot of people complain about their voice sounding weird with regular hearing aids and I don’t get that at all.

Don’t know anything about the hearing aid you are about to try, but I am sold on the open fit design.

Hope this helps you out.

Open fits are great for most, but make sure your professional ensures you have the right hearing loss for open fit.

As for the product choice, I too stay away from Starkey/Omni/NuEar/Audibel, etc which are all Starkey products. It is my opinion that even though they are the largest, they have a poor track record and very few breakthroughs.

I would suggest sticking with proven companies such as GN Resound, Phonak, Sonic Innovations, Oticon, etc. There are tons of great open fit hearing aids from all of these great manufacturers you can choose from.

I have been wearing the Siemans Centra Life open fit for about 90 days and find them far superior to my previous HAs. I also find the small mushroom tips to be much more comfortable than the custom ear molds that I had with my previous aids. Before, I knew that I was wearing aids, but with these new open fits, not only do I hear better, but it is easy to forget that you are even wearing them. Personally, I think the open fit, if it can handle your loss, is a great way to go. I would try the mushroom tips before having a custom mold made to see how you like them. You can always have the custom mold later.

I have had the GN ReSound Plus for about a month now. It is amazing how well it has improved my speech recognition. I can now understand what my wife says… hmmmmm. Is that a good thing? :slight_smile: Anyway, I haven’t said ‘what?’ since I started using it. It’s very small but works well. I don’t even know I have it in my ear. In fact, I have hung a large plastic bag over the shower controls so that I remember to take it out! I bought it from Genesishearingsystems.

You ssaid the centra life were superior to your previous HAs, were the previous HAs open ear or in ;the ear? Thanks for your earlier response.

Were your other two open ear, if so which ones were they?

My previous aids were an open ear with custom molds. Audibel.