Open fit aids for hearing loss with tinnitis

I am starting to look into getting my first HAs. Are any special concerns in selecting and fitting the aid for people with tinnitis? My hearing loss is only in the high frequencies, and I have been told that the open fit digitals would be a good type for me. My tinnitis is a constant high pitch. I’m not really bothered by the tinnitis, so am not looking to mask it, but just wanted to be informed for my HA purchase. Thanks.

The good news is almost all patients find their tinnitus is reduced when wearing hearing aids. Since you say your tinnitus doesn’t bother you, I’d just seek out a good sounding hearing aid that allows you to hear better.

I have had major tinnitus all my life and didn’t realize what it was until I was in my 30’s. I just thought everyone heard those humming noises. When I got my Sonic Ion’s the audi told me it might help the tinnitus but there has been no real change. Good news is that it hasn’t affected the ability of the aid to work and bring me some relief from the sounds I have been missing. At least in my case things are good with the new help. MW