Open Domes vs. Closed Domes

I am trying some closed domes for the first time. I’m not sure I like them. :confused: Hearing myself chew food drives me nuts! Also they “tickle” my canals. The positives are that they stay in my ear much easier and I think I can hear a little better. I’d be curious to hear other people’s experiences with the two.

My understanding about open and closed domes is based on the type of hearing loss a person has. If your low frequency hearing loss is about 35 db or higher you will need closed domes. In other words, if you have good low frequency hearing with most of your hearing loss in the high frequencies you can usually get by with open domes.

Hope this helps and good luck.

I tried them for a little while. You should get used to them within a week or so.

My hearing loss is only high frequency. My audiologist thought they would help keep the hearing aids from falling out, plus eliminate some feedback I was getting.

Closed domes tend to make it easier to hear in background noise and have the added benefit of reducing the likelihood of feedback… I can’t stand “tulip” domes - they itch like crazy!
Open domes sound more natural though…

Have you thought about having a custom mould made with the thin tubes? Then you get better retention and less feedback but you still get to have vents put in to suit your loss, so you shouldn’t have that experience of hearing yourself chewing food. It adds to initial costs, but you earn it back in not having to change them so often as hard moulds are durable.

Many places seem to think in terms of custom mould with big tubes and domes with thin tubes, but it’s possible to do certain types of custom mould and tips with the thin tubes.

Approximately how much does it cost for custom ear molds?

Hi Fading Fast.

Custom domes will run you about $200 for the set. I agree that this may be your best solution.

However, there is something else that may work. Siemens makes a concha lock kit for their RIC hearing aids. Most dealers are not aware of this, but it can be ordered through Siemens. The concha lock is the thin piece of plastic that comes off the tubing and goes into the bottom of the inner ear and acts like a spring.

I was just fitted with Starkey S-series 7 HA, BTE/RIE. It has the concha lock, thin piece of plastic off the tubing. It’s easy to tuck into the inner ear and yes, it does act like a spring to keep the open ear bud securely in my ear canal. I do not feel it in my ear and I have not had problems with the ear bud slipping out.