Open and Closed Acuris differences?

I own both regular Acuris as well as the Open design Acuris Life. I couldn’t stand the regular Acuris mainly because I could hear A LOT OF THE NOISE more than it should normally. For example: when I’m in the office, I could hear very loudly the air conditioning fan, and the sound of elevator going up and down outside the office. I didn’t hear these noises with Acuris Life. When I was driving in the car, I could also hear the tyre spinning against the road. It was very disturbing. The problem got worst when I chose music preset with wide bandwidth, All the Projector Fan, and AIR CONDITIONING FAN got too loud and out of control. I didn’t experience these problems with Acuris Life.

I bought my regular Acuris in Australia, and then bought my Acuris Life in Singapore. When I went to see an audiologist in Singapore explained the problem I was having with Acuris, he was not interested in rectifying the problem. Instead he was introducing me to a New Acuris Life. I’m very happy with the Acuris Life. However, I’m still wondering whether the regular Acuris is that bad, or It just requires fine tuning? If so, perhaps I should go and visit local Seimens Hearing Aids for fine tuning?

Thank you for the advice,