Online speech recognition test?

I know that these things are not as accurate as ones properly performed by the audiology clinic, but since my audiology dept doesn’t seem to think that speech is remotely important (I get the tuning fork thing, then pure tones then out the door) I can never post a SRT score. I think it’s really important to my audiogram cos 7 years of my childhood (at least) of being unaided then several years of being underamplified because analogue hearing aids could not usefully be used with my type of loss means I have a huge amount of loss in auditory processing. I do get tired of being told what I “should be able to hear” according to my audiogram (I don’t care if I “ought to be able to hear” that battery beep, I can’t! Possibly because my house is not contained in a soundproof booth and the situation in which I can hear it is in a soundproof booth?)

I’d be interested to get some idea of how I perform with actual speech rather than just beeps.

Go find an ENT or a new audiologist. On line testing is a crap shoot at best. If your audiologist doesn’t think speech comprehension is important then he’s a boob.