Online Programing Courses for Fitting Software --- Especially Oticon Genie

I just came across this site which offers online training courses for most aids including the fitting software.

(As I am a new member to this forum, I am forbidden to post a link, but you sure know how to add the beginning of the address.)

There is a $99 yearly fee to access any of their courses.

As I was interested in the Oticon Genie software, I discovered that you can view the Oticon Genie online video (60 minutes) for no charge by going direct to the Oticon web page.

Unfortunately when you click on the direct link for this page you get redirected to the above web site.

The backdoor method to view this video is to google “Training & Educational Programs - Oticon”

Scroll down until you find an exact match and you will be taken to the Oticon page where you scroll down to the seventh program "Oticon Genie Software.

The video was based on the Agil Pro mini rite and I was amazed at all the features of this aid including the ability to keep track of how many hours these aids are used and the percentages of various uses.

So keep in mind that if you talk too much, your fitter will know this. :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the above web site and I recieve no money from them. It was an accidental discovery.


audiologyonline I have been on that site a bunch first for Phonaks, then Starkey, now Siemens (which you can access videos on their pro with no problem) I think you only need to pay if you want the CEU credits.

Hi Mick,

I just tried to view a course on audiology online and everything I tried took me to the register page where I needed to pay to join.

If you have a way to view the video’s without paying, I would appreciate knowing how you did it.



There may be some freebies on that site, but bottom line, it’s a pay site you have to join for $99 a year to be able to access the videos.

I will say this though, there are a lot of resources on there from all the major players, and some highly qualified experts in the field of hearing and related issues.

If you are a hearing aid user who wants to spend a bunch of time learning our field, this is probably the most respected site of its kind.

Dear Mick,

Thank you for your recent continuing education course registration on AudiologyOnline.

To access your course, go to and click on “Start Courses/Take Tests” under the Start eLearning Here! button, and login to your account. To begin the course, click the “View Course” button.

Below are the details of your recent registration.

Registration Confirmation for Mick

Course# Course Title/Description Exam Expiration Date
18589 Oticon Genie Software - The Basis for Excellent Oticon Fitting
(Pre-Recorded Course) 2/15/2012

To earn CEUs for viewing this and future courses, you must be a member of CEU Total Access - the best value in the industry.
$99 annual fee - unlimited CEUs

24/7 transcript management
Reporting to accrediting associations

one more time… yes you need to register. you do not have to pay and become a member unless you want the CEU units.

The Now Effect: Fit Successfully with Oticon Intiga (#19464)

Cost: Free to View

Published: 10/13/2011

For the first time user, three aspects of a new product are ranked as most important: appearance, initial sound quality and performance. Intiga was developed with these three goals in mind. In this talk, the physical design of the product, including a new body type and RITE receiver assembly, will be reviewed with user needs as the reference. Then, the influence of the signal processing within the product, specifically Speech Guard and Voice Aligned Compression (VAC), will be discussed. Finally, our new settings for the new user adaptation process will be described.

Hi Mick,

Thank you much for that information. I wrongly assumed that you had to pay when you registered.

Now I will be spending more time hanging out there and put the $99 towards batteries and wax traps !! :smiley:

Thanks Again !!

I guess I stand corrected. But I am pretty sure many of the videos are not available unless you join. It’s been a few years since I initially signed up, but I’m pretty sure being a member gets you access to more stuff, not just CEUs. But it’s kind of hard for me to know because I am a member and you can’t really unmember, and I’m not willing to sign up all over again just to compared what I lose as a non-subscriber.

Last night I registered and was able to view two videos from the Oticon list.

You might be correct in that there are some videos that require paid membership to view. But I am a HA user and not a fitter, so I have limited interest in most of the materials. I just want to learn how to self program my new aids and thanks to my fitter and this help, I will be able to do so.

Glad it worked out for ya!

With the development of our technology, Many online courses are there for every level of education. Oticon’s fitting and counseling tool, Genie, is designed to help to provide top quality fittings that meet the individual needs of each user. Genie is designed for high-precision first-time fittings. This increases initial user acceptance and reduces the need for fine tuning. Please produce some more attachments about the topic for view detail information.