One Oticon Opn IIC hearing aid keeps dying


I have a set of Oticon IIC aids.

In the 6 months I have had them the one for my right ear has needed to be sent away for repair 3 times . Each time I’m told it’s moisture damage.

I treat both aids the same, I keep my ears as dry as possible and I always use my UV dehumidifier.
I appreciate your thoughts but I also have a question…

Each time the aid died it was still on the original wax guard . It had not clogged up and so I didn’t think to change it as I believed it unnecessary.

Could it be that these wax guards should be changed regularly even if they aren’t blocked up ? Could that be the reason why wax/ moisture is killing this one aid?


Anyone have any thoughts on this ?

I have the OPN1 ITE half shell aids and I have had them for 16 months and my right aid has had to be repaired 2 times, once for eating batteries, and the other due to some kind of sound issues. I believe the reciever was bad. I have been wearing Oticon aids for over 10 years and I will say this the more complex the aids the more issues are possible.

No they only help stop the wax from entering the receiver, they don’t stop any moisture as such, only replace them when the filter needs it.

CIC and ITE hearing aids have more issues of this type because of the entire circuit being inserted in the canal, also another common problem is feedback.

Have you considered RIC models, which would most likely help eliminate some of these problems.

I prefer ITE aids due to my activity level and the activities that I do. I will be getting new aids this summer. Hopefully this virus gets over with so that I can get them. They will be the OPNS1 MINIRite aids, and my aids I have now will be my backup aids, and the aids I will continue to use as this aids for my activities. And my new aids will be used for normal things like when I am not walking, hiking, or riding my motorcycle.