One more question I had. Can you get fitted while having a mild ear infection?


Well it figures that it’s March and my body decides to develop an ear infection (very mild one so far) prior to my fitting which is a week and a half away. I do have a question in regards to this if any of you have gone through this, can you get fitted with a small ear infection? I will be letting my audiologist know this as well. We are treating it so it should go away eventually. Just wanted to know some thoughts about this. Thanks in advance. I’m really hoping this goes away by the 26th!


I think you need to monitor the situation and get help if it helps cause further or enhanced problems. You probably won’t have best results until it clears up. Obviously, you don’t want the infection to persist.


thank you. We are doing so very carefully and have been treating it with ear drops which have antibiotics in them.

Yes, that would be very bad. I once had an ear infection so bad we believe that this is what caused my decline in hearing. My ears were notorious for popping up with ear infections as a child

It started out as a nasty lung infection and tore through my sinuses 3 years ago. We were still careful but the CT scan showed a bad middle ear infection and a whopper of a sinus infection. Even with the medication and proper attention if my ear feels the slightest bit weird or sore I start paying close attention. I won’t go into detail but even with antibiotics then it was quite hard to fight off. Whew…we did it though. Plus one sinus/septoplasty surgery later.

So a few years later I need to get hearing aids but it could’ve been a lot worse! I tried to get them before but my earlier posts should state some reasons there. Thank you for your concern we are looking after things and I hope you are having a good day. ^^