One Ear Only-otosclerosis

What I have learned so far… My left ear is “within normal limits- right ear Moderate/mixed …suspect otosclerosis.” MD states one good thing is this condition at present simply requires amplification (R ear only) and so not to get oversold bells and whistles I may not need.

Are there suggestions, details I may need to think about? Suggestions for HAs? The MD’s audi offers Starkey. I wonder primarily if I can go to Costco and get required amplification with out needing lots of additional audi help with this type of loss. I am not unwilling to purchase from an audi- just wonder if this is really more simple or if I am just still niave? Thanks in advance. Vanlassie

As someone with experience with otosclerosis and HAs, I would agree, that your statements in your first paragraph seem true for the time being. Your left ear seems in the range of normal and your right ear is a mild to moderate loss with consistency throughout frequencies.

I would be concerned, however, that your MD leaves you only with a diagnosis of 'suspecting" otosclerosis. I would recommend getting to a specialist that could give you a more concrete diagnosis to evaluate whatever options there are for surgery and/or to prevent further deterioration such as taking florical etc. The disease tends to progress in time and you are in a position now to do some things to help yourself in the future.

I agree w/ your MD that you may not need anything too fancy. The advantage (most) people with conductive hearing losses have is that they often hear great with a very basic device! I would advise going back to the audi at the ENT office and trying something inexpensive first. Just my 2 cents.

audi x25 yrs