On Line Hearing Aid review : Zip Hearing positive experience!

Finally saw an audiologist. Posted audiogram. Not sure if it is showing. I cannot seem to access it. Anyway I have sloping hearing loss from mid to high frequencies. No issue in lower range of 250-500.

Not willing to spend up front for bundled visits I may not use I went on line via Zip Hearing. You pay Zip for the aids and they refer you to a local audi for audiogram, real ear measurements, follow up etc. Now there are other on line vendors such as buyhear.com but per linked review below buyhear is not authorized seller and relies on getting aids from other companies. Not sure if this has changed since video was posted in April 2018.

My other issue is buyhear does not do real ear measurements rather sets aids per your provided audiogram. if i am spending thousands on aids i want best possible adjustments.

Not looking to flame Buy Hear I am just sharing what I have learned

I spoke with both Grant and Jeff (the owner) of Zip Hearing via phone and e mail. All questions answered. never felt pressured or rushed to make decision. I also like the fact that Zip does not sell gray market devices and aids are fully covered by manufacturer’s warranty.

In a prior post I discussed my desire to get IIC aids due to being very self conscious. I know. I know get over it. I’m working on it !!!

Well my audi at Gardner audiology (Dr. C.) told me she would fit me for IIC but likely I would have issues with occlusion as my lower frequency acuity is normal. She strongly recommended against IIC.

I expressed my concerns about visibility at which point she turned her head and showed me her RIC Muse. I never even noticed it !!

So on her recommendation I have ordered a set of micro RIC Starkey Muse aids. I have 45 days to try and per Jeff at Zip if I am not happy I can always have an impression taken for the Soundlens IIC and give those a try. In the end I can actually switch back and forth till I am happy.I know many clinics give a trial period but how many are willing to do impressions for IIC after fitting RIC?

I’m not clear on how my audi is compensated by Zip but clearly the business model is a sound one .

Oh yes, Gardner audiology was the only clinic in my area (Florida) which gives a choice between bundled price and unbundled care. Look them up if you are in the area and need aids. Offices in Tampa area and N. central Florida (Inverness/Crystal River).

FWIW: My price for the Muse IQ2400 RIC was $4,400 a pair. I think that is a fair price. Zip provides via Dr. C 45 day trial, follow up visits, 1 year of batteries etc. After first year office visits are paid per diem at about $50.

If I stick with the RIC I believe I will require less visits for things like cleaning. I’m not positive but this is what I have heard

Yes I am willing to wear hearing aids and hopefully I will be happy with the RIC model. If not I’ll try IIC and at that point pick the one which provides me the most positive experience.

Being recently retired physician I am aware of patient needs and value of doctor’s time.

I was very happy with Zip as they spent quite a bit of time answering any and all questions. The same can be said for my audiologist. I literally had a shopping list of questions and Dr. C answered all of them.

Breath of fresh air in the current medical climate of “conveyor belt” medicine.

A very positive experience and I cannot wait to try my hearing aids.

A big gold star for Zip and Dr. C at Gardner.