Older Oticon stuff - Which is better in real life: Alta Pro or Nera2 Pro?

Could someone answer this question?
Considering important differences in features, technologies and faster vs slower processor.
Which of them is better in difficult environements (car, noisy restaurant, crowdy event, street, wind etc.) and also giving better spatial directionality and maybe better general sound quality?
(I’d appreciate any relation to my audiogram)
I know, it’s not a simple question, even on this forum with so experienced and knowledgable users but not a rocket science either : )


Ultimately only you can decide which suits you better. They are both based on the Inium Sense platform so there should be a lot of similiarity. The Alta Pros have more noise reduction features than the Nera2 Pros so they have the potential of being better in difficult environments, but whether you could tell the difference is another question. What’s the situation? Are they both new?

When I buy older, one generation back (like the two HAs you mentioned) I ignore any differences and always get the top-of-the-line model. Though, I always buy used. Maybe you are thinking of buying them new?

I’ve lost my HA about 10 months ago. Since 1996 I’ve been using my HAs for only one ear. It was fine and sufficient for me.
Now it’s time for new HA(s). I have to make a choice but feel somewhat stuck with this.
Briefly: Oticon as brand and ITE/ITC (312 powered) as the only style I accept for few reasons.
OPN is out of my interest (no ITE available and no direct BT pairing with Blackberry).
I don’t want some basic model, so logically the only way for me are Nera/Alta models.
Last week I was offered to buy a pair of Nera2 Pro or Alta Pro at a trully bragain price, 5y warranty and with free ConnectLink programmer.
I go for it but can’t decide which of them would be a better choice. I know they are both very good and quite similar but I have no time for personal testing now.
I hope somebody can help…

It’s a nice kind of choice in that I don’t think you can go wrong. I’d probably go with the Alta Pros just because they have more bells and whistles. 5 year warranty is great!


Speech Guard E
Spatial Sound Premium/Advanced
Youmatic Premium/Advanced
Fitting Bandwidth 10kHz/8kHz
Free Focus Premium/Advanced
Fitting Bands 10/8

I’m not sure how these differences play out for ITE/ITC models. Differences Spatial Sound and Free Focus may not be applicable for ITE/ITC models?

Are you getting a better deal on the Nera 2’s over the Alta 2’s?

The Alta is slightly better. If there is no price difference, go with them.

Same price and my deal is valid till friday,

Having been a long time user of Alta2 Pro, I’d recommend it as it has a smaller form factor and has a more advanced chipset as others have described here.

You mean to ignore refreshed platform with faster processing and BrainHearing?

I can of course.

Sorry, I missed that it moved from Inium to Inium Sense. My take is that it’s not a big change. They said the big difference was better feedback control. Looking at your audiogram, I wouldn’t think that feedback would be a big issue and I think you’re talking ITE? Has feedback been much of an issue for you?

Sorry, I got confused between Alta Pro/Alta 2 Pro vs Nera 2 Pro.

I changed the listed differences above to reflect Alta Pro vs Nera2 pro. Though it still looks like the same differences, That is;

Speech Guard E
Spatial Sound Premium/Advanced
Youmatic Premium/Advanced
Fitting Bandwidth 10kHz/8kHz
Free Focus Premium/Advanced
Fitting Bands 10/8

So the Alta Pro has better features. Though some of the features (because of microphone placement) may not be a noticeable improvement with ITE/ITC HAs.

Maybe it boils down to Alta Pro/Speech Guard E vs Nera 2 Pro/better feedback control?

No. I’ve never had problems with feedback.
And I find ITE half-shell better than BTE solutions - secure grip in my ear, better integration with the body in the move, less prone to be lost and so on. Just individual preference.

My supplier told me that ITEs can profit of spatial sound capabilities, though with some limitations.

I don’t consider Alta/Nera upgrade to Alta2/Nera2 to be a new platform. What it seems like to me is this:

  1. They released the Alta/Nera
  2. VA wanted a tinnitus feature so released the Alta 1
  3. No one except Vets knew about the Alta 1, so they made-up a new platform and came out with the Alta 2/Nera 2. Plus they threw in a couple of minor tweaks that were in the pipeline

I would go with the more feature rich Alta Pro vs the slightly-updated but feature-poor Nera 2 Pro.

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I’ve owned FS Nera Pro 90’s and Alta2 Pro miniRites w/ custom molds.
Both were programmed by Genie.
I consider the Alta’s miles ahead.
The only advantage the Nera’s have are the size 13 batteries.
My hearing loss is similar to yours but a little more severe.
I tried Agil Pro RITE also. I liked them over the Neras too. The
Neras sounded very tinny to me.

My 2 cents worth.