Old Widex Quattro (help!)

Help needed from dispensers! :wink:

Is there anyone who knows what on Earth the “programming key” was? As far as I understood, the old Widex Quattro models (Q8, Q9, Q16 and so on) can be programmed using their own remote control. But in order to switch the remote control into “programming mode”, a “programming key” is needed. Is this “programming key” some kind of an EEPROM?

I’d contact Widex customer support with this question.

They are available online:


Well, at first Widex support sent me to a local representative who frankly admitted he wasn’t even in business by the time the Quattro were sold. Then, they didn’t bother to answer to my e-mails.

As far as I noticed, the Quattro’s are still supported by Widex Compass 4.6, but I need a cable to connect (via the “programming key” port) the remote control to the Hi-Pro. I can manufacture the cable myself, from a PS/2 mouse cable, but I need to know the configuration of the original Widex cable. Would any dispenser be so kind to provide a little help?

I’m not a dispenser but I hope this helps. The programming key looks like it’s a hardware device …


From another web site:
The Widex Quattro allows for programmability of gain, maximum power output, output compression on/off, low and high-cut filters, plus an additional low-cut filter, the inverse presbycusis adaption filter. The HA also contains four memory choices selectable from a small FM remote control, which also operates as a programming unit, with the insertion of a programming key [1,11,15,16,25].

I found those websites myself and I’m under this impression too, that the programming key was a hardware device at the beginning. This is why I asked in my first post if it was some kind of an EEPROM. The remote control itself acts as a programmer, with this programming key connected to it. For those who remember the PMC programmer, it had indeed EEPROM modules for Siemens, Phonak and Hansaton, and for the operating system as well.

But, according to the instructions available in Widex Compass 4.6, a cable is needed to connect the right port of the Hi-Pro to the programming key port of the remote control. With the remote control acting as a programmer, I suppose the situation is somehow similar to programming a Siemens Swing HA with the PMC, using the EEPROM module. Nowadays, nobody does that, since the Hi-Pro can be used to fit Siemens Swing HA’s and I suppose this is also the situation with the Widex Quattro.