Old Time Radio Therapy

I had an MRI done today–first one I’ve ever had. When they asked me what kind of music I wanted to listen to over the headphones I told 'em I’d rather listen to Old Time Radio. Might’ve been a bit of a mistake though; hard to keep from laughing sometimes. (Fibber McGee, the laughable little livewire whose lavish longwinded legacy has lasted for a lightyear longer than his lengthy lifetime.)


MRI’s can be a pain.
Sometimes the technician puts you in an uncomfortable position. Then you have to hold still.
The music is pretty good though.

Interesting, I had one done recently after explaining may be difficult with my hearing loss. They put the headphones on top volume but I could barely hear the music or her voice, I am also very claustrophobic. It was very stressful and I raised a complaint afterwards as they had made no steps to accommodate my hearing loss.

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likely your hearing loss is more severe than mine. I suppose they could have had better headphones. I had ear plugs in with headphones over that. I could hear ok, but my speech recognition is better in the left ear.

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I am surprised they can actually make headphones that would survive in the high magnetic field of an MRI.

Interesting…Never had music for an MRI. Just the twunk twunk twunk twunk twunk…

I too love listening to old episodes of Fibber McGee and Molly. Some argue that that radio show was the original sitcom. And it was one of the funniest OTR comedies. Running from 1935 to 1959, it is among the longest running shows, radio or TV. TV of course did it in, with an assist by the aging of its cast, writers, and audience. It has aged well, though; much like TV’s The Andy Griffith Show, it relies on timeless humor and offers one take on a bygone era.


When I was getting MRIs, I just had them give me the earplugs, and pretended I was listening to uninspired Techno music.

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When in an MRI my only interest it in how to get out if TSHTF. Thjey always tell ne, “dont worry” like I am a child. I am a survivor, not childish. I have told them that if they would hand me the end of a rope that goes to the wall, so I could pull myself out, I would be happy. I would never use it, but I would be happy. No such luck.

MUSIC?? You got music??

About the day before I was in a hi-power MRI for 90 minutes. No music, and the voice quality was crap. I gave up trying to understand. (And it should NOT be hard to deliver voice to the MRI patient.)

I looked quickly. Generally it is acoustic: put sound in a tube so there is only plastic in the magnet area. Lost Technology; such voice pipes were widely used a century ago, running half the length of a mansion or battleship. It appears modern MRI accessory vendors never learned what their forefathers sold every day.

Do you mean in the event there is an asteroid strike, earthquake, or zombie apocalypse in the few minutes you’re indisposed? That’s some kinda thing to be worried about…

I don’t know how they made it possible, might’ve involved paper cups and string for all I know, but it worked.

You bet. Those things happen all the time and I dont want to die because I wasnt prepared!! I read your intro,

"I am an engineer and automotive enthusiast, married to the best human being who loves me despite my obvious flaws. "

so I dont know why you dont understand, we are clones. I am retired Electronics, Civil, and Mechanical engineer. I own a 1956 Continental, 1970 XKE, 1978 Lola (drove it myself) and drive a 2008 Sky Redline and married to the same woman for 62 years,

I got to be 83 years old by not taking chances on anything, like MRIs.


If I live long enough to be married 62 years I will be amazed. That is quite an achievement.

which?, Living to 83 or being married 62 years? I can tell you the secret to the latter. And not having her kill you is half of the former.

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Being married 62 years would make me 100 so…

The music may be good if you can hear it. Otherwise it’s a torture chamber where your best off keeping your eyes closed and imagini g you’re somewhere else.

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Fibber McGee would probably have gone to TV, if Molly had not had health problems (alcoholism, apparently). I have listened to most of the shows several times. I don’t remember them from first run, but my mother referred to them all the time. “T’ain’t funny, McGee.”

I had similar experience with MRIs. The machine is so noisy I could barely hear the music. Next time I’m just going to skip the music. And like you I could not understand what the technician was saying to me. Bad experience.

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