Okay, Smartphone or IPhone second opinion

I’m getting my first cell, not a flip flop. I’ve heard people saying iPhone or Smartphone opinions.

I want to know which brand is the best for hearing on the phone. I don’t care about the goodies, just hearing good.

I think most think it’s a iPhone???. It depends on ones hearing I just want the best.

When I bought my Samsung a few years ago I tried about 6-7 different phones at the store. The Samsung was best at that time. My wife’s newer iPhone is now better.
You need to try a few and see what you think.

The best smartphone I’ve found is my dad’s Motorola android phone. The volume was great on that phone.

I’ve had catastrophic failures with Motorola hardware. And the company is hostile.

My last Motorola failed and T-Mobile had completely discontinued it because of all the problems. Put me onto a sequence of Samsung phones that have been perfect.

Well, except for the one I threw across the room into a wall. In frustration talking to the arrogant, condescending, ineffectual idiots at Apple Support for my son’s MacBook.



To be fair I get no support from Google for the Android OS, and only marginal support from T-Mobile for it. If the android issue is anything other than commonplace T-Mobile throws up its hands and says, “contact Google”. Google refuses to talk to anyone.

Anyone, that is, who doesn’t have one of their Pixel phones. If you’re concerned about OS support, get a Google Pixel phone so they’ll support it.

Or get an iPhone. :grin:

I phone 8, great sound and great connection for widex Evokes.

Hi Zebras, do you happen to know which model your dad’s Motorola is? I have a Moto G, 4th generation, which I need to replace.

I’ll text him now and ask him. :slight_smile:

I use my CICs on my iPhone XS Max and my wife and kids’ 6 Plus and 6S Plus. I have no issues hearing. No feedback. I don’t have MFI HAs but I still have the HA compatibility switch in Accessibility>Hearing>Hearing Devices set on. I also have LED Flash For Alert set on under Hearing>Audio Visual. Not so much needed because I can hear the ring anyway.

It’s a Moto G 5. :slight_smile:

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So far the vote here is an iPhone.

You really need to go test different phones and make up your own mind.
If you are doing Bluetooth phone calls with your hearing aids that is a different matter.

We’ve had the opposite experience.
Loved our Moto Xs and used them constantly with no problems until several years out of warranty I accidentally jammed up the charging port trying to insert a bent plug. My carelessness. Motorola was wonderful with repair and/or replacement service - my option for $100. They also gave me excellent instructions for saving and transferring everything from phone to phone. Motorola support was great on the phone and by email. Very courteous and thorough.

We have also had a great experience on another family member’s Motorola phones.

Now we have Moto X4s and love them even more. Motorola is very quick in rolling out Android updates compared to many other brands.

I have no connection with the company. In fact, I have always used Apple Mac computers. But when it comes to choosing cell phones, I have always chosen Android in general and Motorola in particular over the past umpteen years.

Yes, I will be doing Bluetooth I think as my audio suggested.

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Was that Motorola or your cellular carrier? Motorola doesn’t do things like that, in my experience. That’s what a cellular carrier and/or insurance company does.

In my case, the phone’s data transport failed off and on and they blamed it on the carrier, and then blamed it on Google, even though this was a known failure mode in Motorola phones at the time. The carrier finally replaced it when the data transport failed completely.

Motorola was very hostile to me on the phone support.

What kind of hearing aids do you have or will get in the near future? Are they MFi (Made for iPhone)? If so, I would suggest an iPhone will give you the best results.

Sure sorry to hear of your bad experience, haggis.
We use Republic Wireless as our carrier. They do not have sales offices. At the suggestion of our carrier, we dealt directly with Motorola. Online, email and fast and direct through FedEx. They were very helpful and very quick. I took their option of having them immediately send me a replacement with a hold on my credit card for $200 which was released promptly when they received my original Moto X on which I had broken the charge port. There would have been no “hold” if I had chosen to send my phone in first.
I still have their email address: RepairServices@motorola.com. They also have a walk-through service online at: Motorola Repair Support

More recently, when one of my kids dropped her Moto G5plus phone and smashed it up pretty good, I had the identical good experience.

But I agree that experiences vary with all co.s In my experience, Amazon is the best. Their support chat people cumulatively spent hours on chat with me on a $20 electronic Alexa add-on because they and I were determined to find the problem and overcome it, rather than continue return/replacements, and it turned out after eliminating all possible issues that it was an adjacent device and not their Echo Connect causing the problem!

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After trying the Android world I’m now an Apple fan. That said, MFI (made for iPhone) hearing aids are the best thing I’ve experienced in the hearing aid world. Google has promised an Android equivalent but this is obviously very low priority for them. After all, iPhone has had this for more than a decade so they’ve got it well refined.


This is going to be a subjective thing with people mostly preferring what they are used to. I agree you should listen to a few phones yourself. But, Samsung has a hearing aid “mode” that boosts the max volume.

To the subject line…they’re ALL “smartphones”. Many HA’s have worked with the Apple Made for iPhone to connect together. Phonak somehow stayed out of that game and now can connect with any bluetooth with their older B-Direct and new Marvel and also the Costco KS9 is a de-featured Marvel. One difference is that they use the HA mic’s rather than the phone mic.