OK I'm freakin out


Only that it’s supposed to show up this summer at Costco. Nothing formal mind you, just members here.


I think you misread my message, the Audi wanted to charge me $150 every time I go to her just to change a few settings.(In a quite room, where it is impossible to know any difference)
The second $150 doesn’t cover all future adjustments! It at this point I brought the programming device myself.


Wow. That was 5 years ago now. clifford hasn’t even made the switch-over to the new forum. He might not even be still with us.


May be an old thread, but this sentence made me sad-laugh.


Yes I pay a 40% premium over Costco to get HAs at my independent audiologist.

Starting this past April, I have trialed 5…soon to be 6 pairs of hearing aids.

I have been to the office at least 12 times.

The man has more than earned his premium.

$100 a month over 5 years and you will have the money to buy any hearing aid you like.

Hearing aids do get cheaper as that generation ages. The economy of scale isn’t there for commoditization of hearing aids.

Hearing aid manufacturers are afraid of liability issues if they embrace the diy crowd. Many hearing aids have the capability to destroy the hearing left to you.

These things are frustrating, yes. One must consider their side of things.


No kidding. What a nightmare. What was going wrong that you had to trial 6 different pairs?!


The first Audiologist I saw told me I could trial maximum two hearing aids, but only return one. All top level hearing aids they sell at the same price of $6400 After the 45 day full refund / return period, all office visits and adjustments would be $90 per visit. You have an truly exceptional Audiologist based on my experience.


4 of them are Resound units. A bit misleading.
Tried the linx3d
Wanted to try the Enzo for more battery life

Went to a Red LiNX 3D and that was going to be it… my keepers.

Then the Quattro came out.


Yes, my audiologist has been extremely patient and helpful. He has earned his fees…more than earned them. He has earned my business until he retires or I die, whichever comes first. He will not need to go through this again. We have both learned a ton.

Resound has been stellar in their responses and support.


With Costco it all depends on your area. Some areas it is not a problem to get an appointment quickly, with others such as your location it is a problem. In Houston there is a Costco at the end of the street where I live and I can drop in any time to chat them up. Never been a problem getting an appointment when I wanted it.


Oh no. I managed to reply to a 6 year old question. Oops.