"official" Oticon Dual Thread


I have seen this done on other Equipment Forum Sites not related to this site . This can work very well in keeping related threads from being scattered and repeated all over the place . Obviously this could be a real help to those new to the Hearing Aid Forum .

As of this date the DUAL is a very new line of Oticon hearing aids . By doing various searches on this site you can or may not find the information you are looking for . Perhaps the “OFFICIAL” OTICON DUAL THREAD could be a great starting point in finding the information you want ? I notice one brand in particular the “Phonak Yes” has alot of information on the Hearing Aid Board.

Got some new Duals ? Post em here.

Trying some new Duals ? Post em here.

Want some input on Duals ? Post it here.

You Love Your Duals ? Post it here.

“You Love Your Duals” but they should be doing more for you ? By God ! You can talk about it here !

I will start it off with a warm Hello .:slight_smile: I just recently purchased a set of Dual Connect XW’s.


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One of my biggest beefs when it came too chosing the Duals was the fit in my left ear (blue). The RIC never felt secure in my ear . Even using the tulip dome (dome plus) could not correct this or the feedback issues in that ear. Not what i wanted from a $6000 pair of aids or any pair of aids for that matter.

Well i just got my new custom mold/tip for that ear (blue) from Oticon at of course an additional cost. What a huge improvement in sound, feedback and feel. They feel very secure and comfy in my ear. There is none of that plugged up feel going on either. Feedback is slim to none now. I must of also been losing a fair amount of power/sound right out the ear instead of going into the ear.

I am very happy with the improvement. So much so that i may have the other ear (red) done also.



I had the music program added today. At this point in time i think i am kind of liking it. Not really sure if i can point to anything in particular since my opportunity to use it has been limited to my car and a rather antiquated home system (not mine :D). First impression is like there is some kind of spactial effects process going on ?

Anybody out there who has this program ? Do you find yourself using this program ?



Went to see Terminator Salvation Saturday night and i thought i would experiment with the music program. I find the music program works at its best when the sound stage is set louder. The music program with the volume set to low on the sound system being used is not a good choice in my opinion . I would rather stay with the Auto/Master program for this .

Obviously Terminator Salvation was plenty loud with nothing but non stop battle scenes. A total special effects/sound blitz movie and nothing more too offer. Anyway i switched back and forth on my Hearing Aid Programs (all two) and i enjoyed the music program for this movie. The sound field in the music program felt very Open and i liked the Spacial effect of that program for this movie. The negative is that it is harder to understand the person sitting next to you .

Not sure if you would get the same enjoyment out of the music program if the movie centered around conversation all the time ? But for a mindless action movie like Terminator Salvation that has nothing too say of any value it was perfect.:rolleyes:

" I’LL BE Back "



I got myself a pair of the Oticon Dual W’s the other week along with the Streamer. So far I’ve been enjoying them a lot. Prior to getting the Oticon I had trialed a pair of Zon 7’s and I absolutly hated those hearing aids. I found that the Zon 7’s were trying too hard to adjust sound when they didn’t need too. May visits were made to get them adjusted and just couldnt get them to sound right. So I decided to try out the Oticon Dual W’s.

I really like the sound of the Oticon Dual. I find they sound very good and so far speech has been very easy to understand. They seem to work well in noisy environments but I just got them so haven’t had a chance to experience all situations yet.

I have the streamer and I love it. I use it practically every day at work. What I love about the streamer is that you can still have the microphones on the hearing aid on and can still clearly hear your surrounding environment while listening to music at the same time. The music doesn’t cut you off from the outside world like headphones do. This is perfect at my work place since I need to be able to hear other people talking. It’s like adding a soundtrack to your life while not cutitng off any social interaction. Speech is still really easy to understand even while music is playing. Of course the streamer also does have the option of turning off the microphones should you want to seclude youself from the outside world. But I rarely ever turn the mic’s off.

The Streamer does have it’s downsides though. The sound quality is not that great compared to real headphones. The bass is lacking and the sound is also mono. But the sound is good enough for casual listening at the work place. It’s not something I would use to listen to music at home. I’d much rather use a pair of real headphones for the better sound quality while at home. I find they work excellent with my Nintendo DS and use them all the time with that. I do have the music program and I find it doesn’t make all that much of a difference to the sound quality. Another big downside of the streamer is it’s range. You have to be wearing it around you neck using the provided string. It’s not something you can just place on the desk and have it stream to your HA’s. If it’s not around your neck it will constantly cut in and out. I wish they had a further range so that you can just place the streamer in your pocket or on the desk as it can be a little annoying wearing it on your neck all day.

So far I love these HA’s and will likely be keeping this pair. Although the streamer has it’s downsides it works perfectly fine in my work environment and that’s all I really need it for. I can’t really comment on the bluetooth cell phone ability as I haven’t really had a chance to use it yet. It’s not something I think I would really use as it just looks goofy and would prefer just talking into the phone itself.



try the TV solution…



I was thinking about getting the TV adapter eventually. I don’t really watch that much TV though and watch most of my entertainment on my computer. But I guess it is something I could just hook up to my computer. I was curious if I could just buy one of those USB bluetooth adapters for the computer and just stream audio through that to the streamer. I’ll have to research that more as I’m sure that would be a much cheaper solution.



Thanks smok3y for giving your take on the Steamer. Some great user information for anyone looking into the Dual connects with streamer. Did you put the skin on your streamer ? Are you using the shorter or longer neckloop ?

The music program for me smok3y has more to do with opening up the sound field. The sound field seems more exspansive in the music program to me. This becomes more apparent to me when volume levels are increased above just background music. I do not think that bass or treble improves for me in the music program ? I need some more listening time to figure that one out.

What color are your Duals ? I went with black.



I don’t use the skin that came with it. I prefer it without it on. Don’t really feel a need for it. So it may get a few scratches but whatever. Not to picky about that. I got the black streamer rather than the white one.

I was unaware that the other neck string in the box was a different length. I was wondering why I had 2 of them but didn’t even look at the other one. I am assuming I am currently using the longer one as it seems to hang lower on my chest. Not sure if I would want the shorter one as I usually connect my iPod to the streamer and have the cord under my shirt to my pockets where my iPod is.

I went with the brown/chocolate colored Dual’s. They were the closest match to my hair color and to my glasses frame and they blended in well. I wanted to minimize visibility.



A solution for the Ipod should come out soon
Oticon has rebranded the streamer in what they call connect line…
they are trying to come out with a total solution



LOVE this thread. Keep it coming. My audi is recommending duels for me. (Another the YES IV’s) So I’m a sponge on this.

I saw an earlier post that said bluetooth music is mono?



This is true, however- I never had complains as far as how the phone or
music sounds…



Xbulder has it right in that it is mono. Is that because of the loop or the streamer Xbulder ?

One thing that gets alot of curiousity from others is when you take a call or send a call using the streamer system. Everybody scratches their head wondering what the heck is going on ? Who is he talking to and how does he do that ? When explained obviously they are thinking those are not just hearing aids ? I tease and call them PCD’s . What the heck is that ? " Personal Communication Devices ":cool: and someday we will all be wearing them.



From what I recall, the Oticon Streamer broadcasts Bluetooth signals to both ears, but in mono. By contrast, the Phonak iCom transmits to both ears in stereo.



Doesn’t the iCom use a neckloop? Is it possible for a neckloop to signal the left and right aids independently, that is with different signals?




The iCom streams in stereo, while the Streamer is mono.

See my full comparison of Dual versus Audeo Yes at



Very Cool ! Thank you very much galan for the link to your thread. Nice to see the pics also which should be found more often on this Forum .



Here is an interesting video for you Clatter.


Also this web site might be informative for those that want to dig around for information.



I’ve had my Duals (with Streamer) for about 3 weeks now. By and large I like them, but I’m still adjusting.

The whole “you forget you have them in” thing? Not there yet. Still feels like I have something stuck in my ear.

Conversations are good. Really noisy restaurants are still a bit of a challenge. Also saw Terminator Salvation and really struggled, it was SO loud. Wished I could’ve muted them. Didn’t have my case with me so didn’t want to take them out, so just turned the volume all the way down and suffered. Almost left the movie, but didn’t want to make my family feel awkward.

My biggest complaint so far is my own voice. So far I can’t get it sounding natural to me. Still sounds tinny. Hoping we can still get that dialed in.

Dig the streamer, works great with my iPhone for phone calls and with my iPhone or iPod Nano via the cord. Can stream wirelessly from my Mac, but not from the iPhone other than phone calls, which is kinda weird.

I work with clients doing exercise therapy, virtually none have said anything (no clue how many of those noticed or not), a couple have asked what that is and when I take it off and show them the response is always “wow, those are amazing”.

FYI, just placed my first battery order. Researched and found the Power Ones at a really nice price from www.localbattery.com, ordered and had them within a week. MUCH cheaper than Batteries Plus.



Please keep us up to date conejo23. I hope everything works out for you. Perhaps we can get some pointers here from some of the HA fitters on this forum or somebody who has experienced some of your issues ?

I myself never had the tinny voice issue. It was more the opposite if anything. They were worried that it might even be too much . I did have the option to go with a breaking in period for new users so that i could get use to the sound of my new hearing aids . I opted out and went directly their full potential . Could it be that ?

As to going to the theater there probably is a good chance that you will find yourself turning down the sound on your Streamer / Aids. I have enjoyed the Music program while at the theater but i am pretty sure i have some volume reduction going on.

It took me some time but i really like how these fit IN and ON my ears. The biggest improvement for me was having a Custom RITE Mold made for my left ear. I use the "Plus Dome " in my right ear.