Office VoIP landline with Phonak Select

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My first post so go easy with me if this has been asked before :slight_smile:
I have Phonak Audeo HA’s, Icom, TVLink, Phonak Home Dect phone and a Roger Select.

My iPhone and TV stream direct via Bluetooth and the Icom. The sound quality is superb!
However, I have big issues with my office landline. This is connected via the Roger Select. The phone is on full volume but the quality just isn’t there. I’m considering spending yet more money on a call centre headset so I can get the volume both through my HA’s and headset to a) increase volume and b) reduce background noise whilst on a call. I don’t think the clarity will improve however.
It’s really frustrating that Phonak produce a fantastic home phone that connects direct to the HA’s but not one for an office!
I’m at my wits end and really need to get a permanent post (I’m temping). I haven’t got the confidence to leave until I can answer the phone efficiently so I’m feeling stuck.
Any other Phonak Uk users have a solution for this?

Not sure if this is a solution for you but we use an Ooma VOIP service at home for our landline. With the basic package we have I can phone out using my iPhone and an Ooma app. There is no hit or charge on my phone account, providing I have WiFi service. With the deluxe package apparently you can also direct incoming calls to the iPhone Ooma app. I find the sound quality to be very good, but perhaps not quite as good as the pure iPhone cellular account.

That service looks amazing. I don’t think we have anything like that yet over here.
Hopefully businesses will catch up soon with this tech.

Some form of it may be available in the UK.

Ooma WeWork

If you are using the headphone jack on the office phone, you will never get the volume you want because every headphone jack have a resistor or circuitry to reduce the volume to avoid blasting the ears of a “normal” person. You will need to find a person willing to install a bypass on that headphone jack.

That is correct. One of the joys of having been an electronics technician, I have got around this in one of two ways - either I open the equipment and remove the limiting resistor, assuming it’s easy enough to open and manipulate, or I make my own portable amplifier to go between the equipment and headphones.
Another way I have also solved this problem for myself is to wire a headphone jack to where the speakers normally go, assuming it’s something with external speakers such as a HiFi system.

The biggest problem was finding suitable headphones capable of taking the power I needed (without hearing aids) without blowing the speakers. :joy:

Another option…



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I’m actually getting (hopefully) the extra volume from hearing both through the HA’s and the headphones together.
I’m hoping to get the background noise cancellation by covering both HA’s with the ear pads.
I have a phone adapter that links my Roger Select and phone handset (or headset) together.
I plug my handset cord into this and the adapter into the phone.
I do understand that the headset won’t increase the volume but I’m hoping that both coupled together will?
With all that in mind, do you recommend a fab quality phone headset (not headphones)?
Any advice is greatly appreciated :smile:

If you link your Select and the handset to the phone then both receiver get less than half the volume.
Have you heard of Plantronics MDA 200? It is a phone-2-bluetooth adapter. With this adapter you can connect your icom (?) to your landline phone via bluetooth and hear your partner very clearly.
But this is working only if your iCom has a builtin mic.
If RogerSelect has a mic for phoning then you should try unplugging the handset first.

I use the Phonak Compilot 2 and connect to my office phone with a Plantronics MDA200 and a BT300 dongle. Well, actually I just got a Cisco 8851 office phone that has built in Bluetooth so I don’t have to use the MDA200 with it.

So I get phone calls transmitted and in both ears.