Office Phone with central hub


Looking for good options for an office phone that goes through a central hub. The person has RIC aids with no T-Coils and owns a Multi-Mic and a Personal Amplifier.
I know that she could use her personal amplifier and Multi mic with a telephone adapter. Does anyone know if an in-line Phone amplifier such as the Clarity HL 40 would work just as well also?
The reason that I am asking is that she may not be able to always dedicate the PA to the Phone as she may need to use it hooked up to a Directional Mic in her office.
Does anyone have other options for an office phone with a central hub?



Not sure what you mean by central hub.

I use the Bluetooth device for my hearing aids, connected to a Plantronics MDA200 with a BT300 dongle. The MDA 200 is connected to my office phone, a Cisco 7942. I can answer calls from the Bluetooth device or from the MDA200.

It is easier if the phone has a headset port but it is also possible to connect to the office phone even if it doesn’t have a headset port.

My setup works very well. The calls transmit directly to my hearing aids as if I were wearing headphones. I can understand much better this way and it doesn’t disturb others around me.

You mentioned Multi-Mic, which is Resound. The Resound Bluetooth phone device is Phone Clip+.

So, you need the Phone Clip+, the MDA200 with a BT300 dongle, the EHS cable for that specific office phone, and an office phone with a headset port. Without a headset port you also need the Plantronics lifter.



Thanks Don!
I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Not sure that it is really officially called a “Central Hub”. The way she described it, I believe that all phones in the school have extensions to individual offices.
How would I find out which EHS cable to get for the phone?
Also, Is this the headset port that you are referring to that will allow the setup to work without the Lifter?




I can’t read what it says. If it says headset that is it. Mine also has a Headset button on the front to activate it.

Sounds like a normal office phone. The Plantronics website has the list of EHS cables. Yes, if there is a headset port then it should let you answer without lifting the handset.



Thanks I appreciate the help!



Please let me know how it goes. The MDA200 has adjustments on the bottom and sometimes you have to try different microphone settings to get rid of echo (Own Voice echoing back in hearing aids).