Occlusion effect solutions For Kirkland K8



Echoing a big problem


Do you have open domes? I’m going to try a pair on Monday. I use open domes in my current Starkeys. I’ve heard that the open design affects occlusion.


I don’t think echoing and occlusion necessarily go together. Tell your hearing aid fitter that echoing is a problem. Try to be specific, as in what situations does it occur.


I also have echoing in different places which affects hearing speech. Large dwellings, Costco, restaurants with no buffing effect on floors or ceilings, grocery stores, etc. It causes my aids to go into a calm mode and hard to hear the clerks due to echoing. I’ve used the speech in noise, but still not good. Is this what you mean?


Echo in big rooms with hard acoustics sounds like reverb. A lot of aids have a way to deal with reverb. I’d just tell your audi that hear echos in big rooms and see what is suggested.


That’s my next step. Thank you