Occlusion Control and Echo Block question


Someone on forum said Occlusion Control and Echo Block are two separate issues.

Then a local person said they mean the same.

Can anyone clarify this? Thanks



I don’t recall what brand of hearing aids you have, and I suspect the terminology you are using is company specific. In the Signia/Rexton world, Own Voice Processing is used to reduce the volume and annoyance of your own voice. There is a separate program which can be set up to reduce the echo effect in large auditoriums and reverberant environments. Reverb control, or something like that. I would consider them two very different issues.



Took a look in Phonak Target.

This is in Phonak Audeo B90 aids and others I am sure.

Occlusion Compensation is in Initial Fitting, Global Tuning.

Echo Block is in Fine Tuning, Comfort in Echo. A B90 function in AutoSense.

They are two different controls. I personally have seen Occlusion Compensation help me when moving to silicone molds. The Echo Block is used but I have not adjusted it to see how it works.



Echo block is a feature that is trying to improve speech in echoy environments, like a gymnasium.

Occlusion is when a blocked ear canal causes a mechanical boost in low-frequencies associated with body-transmitted sounds (own voice, crunshing) and is primarily an acoustic coupling issue.



I have new Phonak Audeo B90.



Thank you everyone now I understand and I assume my Audiologist knows this and can fix it.

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