Observation about positioning dome in ear canal

Hi everyone, I just wanted to point out something for users of off the shelf domes. For me I was having a muted feeling in my left ear and no matter what the Audi did to change it nothing helped. Finally I got changed to closed domes (way better!) But, I felt the feeling again! I was upset and thought ok maybe if I push them in all the way and see what happens. I did and it changed the way I was hearing!

So, long story to basically say, the position of the domes in your canals does change the way your hear!

Anyone else discover this???:sweat_smile:



The better the seal, the better the sound.

Your comment about dome position is so important. Many don’t put the domes where they belong.

This is also a point about molds. Most are made to fit in one position. They usually stay put where they belong.

Yeah I totally am getting molds when I get new aids next year. Enough of this dome stuff! I hate it.


So glad you discovered that little trick. I have double closed dorms and I think the other terminology for that is power domes. I find that they have to be in the canal perfectly. If you cup your hand to your ear and hear any squawking you could just jiggle the aids or even the tube just a little and that tiny adjustment will stop that feedback and naturally help your hearing better.

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Several weeks ago I was having trouble with vibration with voices. Pushing the open domes in as far as I could helped clear voices up. I’m wondering if it’s the better seal or because the receiver is closer to the ear drum.

Yeah I am not convinced that RIC hearing aids are for me due to this experience. I think having the receiver in the canal for me doesn’t seem to fit my anatomy. During the day I have to keep pushing or pulling to get the receiver in the right place. Sound changes too much for me. Next year I am getting a custom mold and possibly a BTE.

I had a custom molds, for a few days, had to send them back in for a larger vent. What worried me about the molds was, it didn’t seem like the receiver was as far in the canal as where I was having to push the domes to. I questioned my audi about it because she knew I was having to keep the domes in as far as they would go. She didn’t seem to concerned about it.

I have to push the domes in really far and I hate having something hard in my canal that far. It irritates me and is sometimes painful. Really not happy with this…oh well got to wait another year before I can do anything about it!

Why do you have to wait another year? If the problem is merely with the domes, why not try a larger dome or get custom molds with a canal lock?

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Domes didn’t work for me either. Pain, Pain, Pain.

Got custom modes for me Preza(s) at $45 each. Not perfect but well worth it. No pain!!!


Absolutely. I found the depth of the ear piece is the most important factor especially for better clarity.


Me too! I’m thinking custom molds will make a big difference

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I recently got replacement h aid for one that was lost when removing a facemask. I thought the fault then was loose fit of dome. I have had three larger ones including a ‘double dome’ and the last is the worst and a pain to keep shoving back in. I think I will go back to the smallest one as it seemed to stay in better and could push in further. Eating seems to make it work its way out!

Yep, for me the double domes were the worst to keep in. Eating and talking made mine come out also. The tulips stay in well though.

I am in the process of demo’ing multiple brands. Previous aids had open domes and I definitely like the closed domes better. Double domes on Oticon are my favorite so far. They do need some “lubricant” when inserting them to get them in smoothly. But then they stay and sound great.