NYC recommendations?

Hi all, would anyone have any recommendations for audiologists/HA providers in NYC? I had mild loss for 20 years that recently declined into moderate/severe loss, and now a candidate for aids.
I am looking for another audiologist after having met with my doc’s audiologist. While nice enough, I did not like his approach. I am a total newbie, and I learned more on this forum in 20 minutes than an hour with him.
I want to like and trust my audiologist before I give them thousands of dollars! Would appreciate suggestions either here or private message. Thank you kind

Welcome to the forum.
You will find a comprehensive list from the US in the forum here, under Hearing Centers.
I’m using my iPhone and it’s on the very bottom, I just scrolled down. Here’s a copy of what to look for, then follow the links.

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Thanks I had seen that! I was hoping someone might have a personal suggestion or experience since there are more than 25 companies in the list. :grinning:

I use Louise Levy. I have a cookie bite and was pretty challenging to fit. She is very knowledgeable and patient. She’s located on the UES. She can be reached at 212-472-1350.

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@raquelitanyc @kah Welcome to HT forum

Here is the website link for louiselevy recommended by @raquelitanyc

Great! Thank you both.

@kah If you’re Costco member check this location

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