Nuheara IQbuds2 MAX Now Available for Pre-Order

Now available for preorder, IQbuds2 MAX take personalization, noise cancellation and sonic fidelity to another level

Las Vegas, January 5, 2020—CES— Nuheara, the smart-hearing company, today announced the world’s most advanced hearing buds, the IQbuds2 MAX.

Built on Nuheara’s innovative new smart-hearing platform, the IQbuds2 MAX feature hybrid Active Noise Cancellation and unique features for personalizing and enhancing the wearer’s soundscape. The IQbuds2 MAX hearing buds are available for pre-order today at and will commence shipping in March for USD $399.

“There are hundreds of wireless earbuds on the market, but none like the IQbuds2 MAX,” said Nuheara co-founder David Cannington. “Not even the big players offer technology so far ahead of the curve. The IQbuds2 MAX go beyond hybrid Active Noise Cancellation with unparalleled noise controls and Nuheara’s unique features for personalization.”

Nuheara redesigned the IQbuds2 MAX from the ground up with its latest acoustic technology, which enhances normal hearing and allows users to fine-tune their sound environment. Nuheara’s EarID™ technology and Speech in Noise Control (SINC) provide wearers with unrivaled customization and control over their personal hearing experience, so they can enjoy music, conversations or silence wherever they go.

“We made several hardware and software breakthroughs this year that enabled us to bring IQbuds² MAX out sooner than expected,” said Justin Miller, CEO of Nuheara. “We’ve incorporated major engineering enhancements, such as better drivers for improved sonic accuracy and design features that fit more processing power into a comfortable earbud. These are the best smart-hearing earbuds available today.”

IQbuds2 MAX features include:

  • True Personalization — Nuheara’s EarID™ technology uses a convenient mobile app to assess a wearer’s hearing and automatically calibrate the buds to their personal hearing profile. EarID uses the clinically-validated NAL-NL2 hearing test—a neural network-driven system that optimizes the hearing augmentation engine to the user’s personal preferences. This provides research-grade hearing customization without the need to visit audiology specialists.
  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation — With the most advanced form of ANC, IQbuds2 MAX uses three microphones to analyze and process sounds both inside and outside the ear. Advanced filtering circuitry creates cancellation waves in the ear to reduce distracting sounds and in-ear occlusion. With the tap of a finger, users can block external noises. Working in combination with SINC, this feature delivers a premium dual noise-isolation experience for unparalleled noise mitigation and control.
  • Situational Sound — Nuheara’s proprietary Speech in Noise Control (SINC) adds unique sound controls for each situation. With SINC, wearers can quickly toggle their earbuds to the most comfortable noise settings for their location muting background noise and enhancing focus on their direct conversations in a noisy environment.
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing — IQbuds2 MAX triple-core DSP system delivers optimal hearing fidelity and reduces occlusion to deliver the most natural enhanced sound ever in a hearing bud. IQbuds2 MAX have a 450MIPS signal processing engine in each earbud, offering an optimal natural sound experience.
  • Sonic Accuracy — A large 9.2mm dynamic driver with vented acoustical design provides pitch-perfect sound fidelity. This improves sound quality, especially bass, which can be an issue with smaller earbuds.
  • App Syncing with iPhone and Android — Nuheara’s user-friendly apps allow full control of the listening environment, including noise reduction and hearing processing. Users can adjust hearing preferences from the app and receive future developments and upgrades for the IQbuds2
  • Intelligent controls Nuheara’s smart sensors provide intuitive tap-touch and gesture control for a seamless user experience.
  • Water and sweat resistant — All of Nuheara’s products are designed to maximize compatibility for an active lifestyle.

The IQbuds2 MAX also include the convenience of a magnetic charging case that delivers up to 32 hours of on-the-go hearing enhancement and 20 hours of Bluetooth streaming. Compatibility with Bluetooth 5 offers faster transfer over a longer range.

IQbuds² MAX replace the previously announced IQbuds MAX, offering superior performance from Nuheara’s new technical platform.

Nuheara will demonstrate the IQbuds2 MAX for the first time at CES Unveiled, January 5, 2019, and both products at CES 2019, in the Sands Expo Booth #44743.

About Nuheara

Nuheara is a leading smart hearing company that is transforming the way people hear by creating game-changing hearing solutions that are affordable and accessible. Nuheara is based in Perth, Australia. Nuheara was the first consumer wearables technology company to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Learn more about Nuheara:

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It’s not really an auspicious beginning. They are announced at the same time as the Bluetooth Low Energy audio standard. They have to hope that prospective customers either don’t know about BLE audio, don’t understand the advantages, or don’t think those advantages are worth the wait for the new technology to come to market.

They are based in my home town. I wish them well.

They are demoing these in Perth over the next week. I’m sure I’ll get along there at some point.

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I have pre ordered a pair of them and the tv streamer, I would be grateful for your opinion if you do manage to try them.


I have a pair of the Nuheara IQBuds Boost that I got in June 2018. I set them up with the internal hearing test. I found they helped in most cases walking around, I heard background noises, traffic and so on. In a quiet place with a conversation, they helped slightly with higher pitch voices, women and children. In a cafe or restaurant they could not discriminate voice from noise. They work well playing music, their strongest point, and nice to exclude the “world” as they state in their literature.

It took two weeks for me to more actively seek getting hearing aids since that became obvious that is what I needed for my degree of hearing loss.


I did go and have a chat. Unfortunately the booth was in the middle of a very large and noisy shopping centre which made testing the self-fitting impossible (you need a quiet room). She said I could try them at their head office. I did that a few years go with their original bud. You then get the opposite problem because it’s not a good environment for testing. You need a busy shopping centre for that…

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I understand, as they need to be configured in a quiet place to suit your hearing and this would be best done before being tested in a noisy enviroment.
Well, i have bit the bullet and ordered the new version along with the tv streamer, I can always return them within the 30 day money back period. They are not shipping until the end of march, I will write my opinion after testing in the real world.


I have moderate hearing loss in both ears and unable to hear higher range. I have hearing aids atm but find them annoying (They work their way out) I also have the Oticon streamer pro with the tv adapter, this is ok but only outputs in mono not stereo and sounds very tinny.
Apparently the new IQBuds 2 have 5 times more processing power than the Boost version, so i’m hoping this will make a difference?

I think they’re definitely worth trying. At a moderate loss, you may be in the ballpark.

Do do not know if more processing power will help. For me the number of frequencies that could be adjusted were not enough for my loss in the high end. I did not here most birds or crickets that I did after I got hearing aids. I listen to classical and jazz most, and many strings, bells, brushes on cymbals, were not present unless I listened hard for them.

My loss falls off quickly into moderately-severe ranges at the high frequencies.