Nucleus 7 Accessories for CI

Does anyone have any accessories that are their favorites or any they can live without? I want to be sure I have exactly what serves me best as we know how costly they are if you have to buy them.

I am inclined to return the batteries (I can’t imagine not using rechargeable unless I was camping and in that case, would stock up for the particular timeframe) and the waterproof cover. Agree or not?

I am getting close to my exchange accessories window.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!


CWe are all different and have different needs. It depends on your needs a lot.
Do you have a Resound HA in you other ear or are you bilateral CI?
Do you have any residual in your CI ear?
What accessories do you have?

I’m bimodal with Resound Enzo in my R ear.
I need the phone clip to stream to both ears.
At this stage I have still got some residual so don’t need the TV streamer yet. But that can change at any time. As my residual isn’t guaranteed for life.
I have a mini mic (not mini mic 2) I find this to be a nuisance more than a help.
Live Listen in the iPhone is a better option for me at the moment. Where I can turn that on and put my phone on the table and hear the whole conversation being streamed to my N7.

So for me at this moment the only accessories I need is the phone clip.

Thanks for the prompt reply!

I have a Rexton - soon to get a Resound - for my right ear so it can work in conjunction with the CI in my left ear. Switched to an Iphone entirely for this purpose. I have 90 days to return it if I’m not happy with it. I loved my Pixel and am seriously considering returning the iPhone.

I thought I could get a Resound from Costco that pairs with the CI but they get a different version than the audiologists. So. Tomorrow another try. I’m still within the window of being able to return the phone and exchange accessories.

I have no residual in my left CI ear. I assumed this was pretty normal to lose what little hearing there was - are you unusual that you still have some? That’s great!

Thanks for the encouragement to try the phone clip. I should know how it works before going to the next level! Are you using the phone clip because your Resound is not the Quattro version? I was told that was what you need to optimally pair with the CI and iPhone.

I appreciate your response!

P.S. Why am I not getting how the phone clip streams through both the CI and the hearing aid? I can only see how to pair it to the CI.

VYes the Quattro does pair with the iPhone & the N7 nicely. I’m not sure if you need the phone clip though. @ssa can you help @amyisacson with this answer please.

You have to pair your phone clip to your hearing aid, to your phone and to your CI. All this is done through Bluetooth. Your CI aud should be able to do this for you, mine did.

To answer your other question the Aus Gov give pensioners a free Resound HA. Sadly we are only given the Lynx2 or the Enzo2 series. Not the latest and greatest Quattro or 3D series. This aid if supplied free for the rest of my life. But I can purchase any of the 3D or Quattro should I find the one I’ve got unsatisfactory.

If you look back over some of the older posts in Cochlear section some of your questions might be already answered

Edited- I have found “live listen” on the iPhone to be better than the mini mic I have. But I have the original not the 2

What kind of Pixel you have? You need to buy the pixel 3, 3a or upcoming pixel 4 to get the hardware for direct streaming on Android

I got the nucelus 7 and Resound Quattro, i’m going to go for a MAPping appointment on monday for the Cochlear firmware update that enables Android direct streaming capability on Tuesday! Earlier this month, Direct streaming from Quattro works perfectly. But not the N7 because the firmware was just released Monday the 23rd.

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C@amyisacson what iPhone did you have? As Phonak released an email yesterday saying that Phonak Marvels are not compatible with the iPhone 11.

If one company is having issues with pairing to the iPhone 11 other companies might be having the same issue also. It’s only a possibility for your pairing issues as I don’t know definitely.

As you don’t have any residual you will possibly need a TV streamer, and a mini mic 2 as well.

I have the aqua, tv streamer, mini mic and another accessory. I used the TV streamer once, but found out I don’t need it at all now because the Roku app on my phone allows bluetooth connection which is pretty cool.